The Cult

Part 1: Moral Ground

There is a secretive cabal committed to enslaving humanity to their agenda.

At the outset, I need to explain something. While I sense that the cabal in question is a concrete organization of people who think of themselves as organized for some purpose, that isn't the point of this discussion. Try to understand that my use of the term "cult" here does not signal a discrete organization as we might typically expect from our cultural mythology. In fact, our confusion over the term "cult" is partly due to the efforts of The Cult itself. This cult is all about control over the human race, and a primary tool is keeping us confused and ignorant about elements of their core issues. The reason for calling it a cult specifically is because it works very much like a religion; it is born of a belief in some transcendent truth.

Think of it as a pervasive influence, and try not to get too lost in human identities. We know The Cult by its fruit, not whom the people may be. What makes it most dangerous is how close it comes to God's revelation, for it hijacks certain key elements of His Word.

I need to make it clear that this cult is not the only game in town. There are other actors out there, both individuals and groups, which have similar aims but lack The Cult's religious fervor. Some of them actively despise those in The Cult. The Cult is not the whole of our consideration as we seek to bring Christ's redemption to our world. In your individual calling, it may not even be a major element. Rather, I seek here to share what God has shown me to help you discern what God is showing you. Those of us who have been awakened in the higher spiritual awareness can sense each other in ways that escape words. We have no need to assert human controls over each other, but seek to strengthen and support each other in our highly varied individual callings. The Cult I describe here is distinguished in part by mimicking that spiritual awareness, faking it through the power of our Enemy.

So this becomes a first point of description: This Cult is a very close parallel to the Kingdom of Heaven. It relies on many of the same basic truths regarding our fallen reality, and gets them mostly correct in a certain sense, but is deluded about the purpose of it all.

It would be a serious error to imagine that the cult followers do not have a heart-mind awareness. Their hearts are not asleep, but deceived. The Bible refers to this often. Most Westerners (believer or not) consider it a figure of speech. However, we teach that the business of the heart as a higher faculty is rather literal. In Scripture we see where a great many sinners suffer from hearts that are asleep or souls out of touch from their hearts. That's most of humanity at any given time in history, but all the more so under Western Civilization.

However, we know that the Bible also refers to hearts darkened by a perverse purpose. I doubt we could possibly gin up the clinical terminology to discuss this in any depth. The concept of a darkened heart shares something with the common notion of "demon-possessed" but without all of the goofy Western mythology about demons. The point is that these folks do seek a heart-led existence, but something is very wrong with their heart's connection to the moral fabric of Creation. Instead of directly sensing God's character, they get a very twisted view of Ultimate Power that causes them to serve Satan instead.

Satan's purpose is to keep us doing anything and everything except for that one thing God requires of each of us. Even a whole range of ostensibly good things is fine with him, but he must keep us from the most important thing. Satan isn't plotting to take over the world through The Cult or any other human perversion. Rather, he's keeping people from whatever it is God actually wants for them so that he can prevent God's glory from shining in fullness here in this realm of existence. Our shalom is a major element of God's glory. When we embrace His revelation and His moral character, we share in His glory in the form of His blessings.

Satan has no real problem with Western Christianity because it is powerless. Western Christianity hardly understands the biblical discussion of heart-led living, and rarely lays claim to much of the divine heritage of blessings. There is nothing the Devil can do about God resurrecting dead spirits to eternal life in humans, so this "born-again" stuff isn't his concern. What concerns Satan is making sure we never quite grasp the inheritance that God grants us here. The Devil is our Enemy in hindering us from clawing our way back to Eden.

Thus, the best tactic is deceiving people about that Flaming Sword of revelation. The essence of the Fall is choosing human faculties over the divine grant of spirit-heart leadership in the soul. In Western Civilization, the Fall manifests primarily as choosing reason and intellect and breaking the connection to the Spirit of God. That was pretty much the net result of all that thinking and talking among the various Greek philosophers who contribute some much to Western intellectual heritage. It puts man's intellect on the throne of the universe. In actual practice it makes each of us our own god. We get to decide whatever it is we need to know about morality -- the Forbidden Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. As Satan characterized it in Genesis, we can be like gods knowing (judging) what is good and evil.

That Flaming Sword at the entrance to Eden was not simply a code of laws, but the Person and character of God Himself. It means taking your self off the throne, which feels very much like death. Most people aren't eager for that, and the human mind rebels against it.

The focus of Scripture is the narrative of redemption, so an awful lot of human history is not recorded there. A whole world of detail that we today consider pertinent is left out; such thinking is typical of human faculties in contrast to divine revelation. What we have instead is the story of how God remained in contact with those few who were determined to face that Flaming Sword, along with some discussion of those who tried to slip past it. He used their story in the ever-changing fallen context to expose more and more of His character. His Presence in His called people affected the development of human culture in at least one part of the world. At the same time, a vast accretion of confusion grew alongside it. So we have at some point a fellow we call Abraham called out of this confusion to focus on one thread of revelation available to him. His contextual knowledge was the vast Mesopotamian complex of cultures and religions.

He gradually left behind a lot of the cultural clutter and spent time living very simply in a land that, at that time, was very thinly populated. God granted him a covenant and things got under way. However, his education was incomplete and God made it a point to better acquaint him with the ancient culture of Egypt, as well. Over several generations that followed, God kept bringing him and his descendants back to Egypt for a bigger dose of that culture.

At some point God was ready to get rid of the cruft and ordered events to get the growing tribe descended from Abraham-Isaac-Israel out of there. God appointed another central figure named Moses with an indescribable level of awareness of moral and spiritual things, a man who bore a solid background in both the Mesopotamian and Egyptian cultures. God drove him out into the wilderness to live simply in tents again and sort things out. In the presence of a stabilizing priestly household (Jethro), Moses ended up ready for the job. God used him to move this people out of Egypt, nearly destroying the indigenous culture in the process. Then, while keeping the nation out there in the simple tent life, He called up His servant Moses to discuss from that broad mixture of legends what did and did not belong in this new culture God wanted to raise up in this nation of people who would otherwise be a pestilent presence on the earth.

In other words, God Himself was directly involved in what became the Hebrew culture, to include the intellectual background and all the basic assumptions about reality underlying what followed. While it's not hard to detect the various elements in both Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, God made it a point to filter out the things He didn't want, and then destroyed those source cultures sufficiently to prevent any of it from coming back too easily in human awareness. Today we have darn little of those ancient cultures available for our inspection. We know about them, but precious little of the content. Meanwhile, we have an awful lot of direct awareness of Hebrew culture. God saw to it they saved a collection of their essential documents.

The resulting culture and intellectual assumptions as a whole are an essential foundation for the revelation of God's character. Don't let that zip past over your head the way it does with the majority of mainstream Christians. If you don't somehow catch onto the essence of how the Hebrews approached knowledge itself, the question of epistemology and what can we claim to know, then you cannot grasp His revelation. Without all of that, you might come to face that Flaming Sword at the entrance to Eden, but you cannot pass. You see, there is no way you can wield the Sword of Truth in this world until you first pierce your own soul. The Hebrew intellectual assumptions are the handle of the Sword.

God placed that Sword in the hands of the Nation of Israel. It implied a specific calling and authority -- that there is also a Mission of Israel. As time wore on, the record shows that the nation and the mission became separated. The people lost their grip on the Sword, and it fell on them as wrath. The Sword can cleanse you or kill you, and it eventually became their instrument of execution. When the Sword showed up in human flesh in the person of Jesus Christ, they refused to handle it any longer. Israel the Nation came to an end.

But Israel the Mission still stands. Only now, it's how we characterize the teaching of Jesus. Individual Jews can easily return to that mission, but they have to come the same way as all of humanity: through Jesus Christ. Paul noted they have certain advantages coming into Christ, but whatever grand promise they could have had is gone outside of Christ.

We need to understand what it was they traded for their grip on the Sword.

Part 2: Jewish Roots

Throughout recorded history, Jews have had a tough time with everyone else.

The minds of Israel's leaders took the wrong path, buying into the Hellenism promoted by Alexander the Great throughout his conquests. That the rabbinate became Hellenized does not mean they were Hellenic. I refer to it often as a bastardized intellectual shift because it is not exactly a full embrace of clear Platonic and/or Aristotelian logic. It retains a certain amount of mysticism, but nothing like it was originally. Rather, it's highly influenced by their time under Babylon and Persia with all the broad mixture of heathen influences those two empires embraced. Given that whole libraries were written to discuss the details, I can only mention in passing the basic idea that the Hebrew scholars were hit with successive waves of intellectual influence starting around the time of Solomon.

Prophets made note of these sinister influences and by the time of Malachi things was already quite far-gone. So when Alexander the Great swept through the land a century after Malachi's ministry, Hebrew intellectuals were ripe for harvest.

Have you ever seen a sharp-minded teenager discover the power of logic? Maybe some of you can remember when you first seized upon formal analytical reasoning (abstract logic), and the thrilling sense of mastery it granted. It wasn't so far different from how the rabbis felt when they were first exposed to Alexander's generous donation of Hellenic literature everywhere he conquered. Alex was a hard-core evangelist for Hellenism. In some ways, military conquest was simply a tool for his passion to give the world his homeland's cultural legacy.

This was a significant shift from previous waves of conquest in the Levant, as Hellenism was entirely man-centered. It was like a drug to fallen human nature. This human centric foundation was the part the rabbis absorbed most, though not in quite those terms. They still clung to the idea that they were the living, breathing revelation of God. For them, the logical analysis of Hellenism granted them a mastery that even Jehovah was forced to respect -- so say the Talmudic legends. What we see is carrying over the very same fundamental error Jeremiah warned about prior to the Fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC. The rulers in Jerusalem felt they had God over a barrel; surely He couldn't allow the city to fall because His House was there! In other words, it was an anthropomorphism of God that displaced the Ancient Near Eastern reflexive mysticism about things we could not possibly comprehend in our minds.

The rabbis believed they could truly understand now, though it meant running everything through a kind of linguistic analysis frankly foreign to their ancient ways. It wasn't the logical, materialistic idealism of the Greeks, but a legalism unique to the new Hellenized Hebrew thinking. While the result was a very heavy dose of materialism, it retained a kind of mystical feel. It was not ideas that had power so much as words. They were the Chosen to absorb the ultimate truth of all things and help God out by fixing up revelation. They were demigods of a sort.

The result was an ugly two-edged knife pointed at the back of humanity. One edge was a sacred elitism with multiple layers and grades of "holiness" with an implied spite for those who weren't so holy. The other edge of the blade was a sudden necessity for guarding the secrets, thinking that this hidden understanding had somehow become that Flaming Sword at the gate of Eden. Keep an eye on that dagger as we proceed through the story here; it characterizes everything The Cult does.

This new analytical word-logic knife was applied to the whole of their heritage, but particularly noteworthy is the matter of their being God's Chosen. Some part of their thinking grudgingly accepted the Exile as punishment for their previous endless flirtation with idolatry. About the only thing they got right coming out of that was never again overtly turning to other deities on any grounds. But part of the package of Restoration was the rather vivid image of a Messiah, someone to arise and restore their lost greatness. Completely lost was the initial comment from God that they were chosen for a mission. The "mission" part faded from memory while the "chosen" part took center stage.

Starting with Isaiah's prophecy, then again with Daniel during the Exile, we have a growing body of hints about a specific figure who would come to set things right in the nation. When Haggai and Zechariah performed their tag-team ministry to provoke the building of the Second Temple, the image of Messiah loomed quite large in the minds of those who returned to the Land. There had been no such thing as synagogues and rabbis until the Exile; it was a system that arose to keep religion alive without the Temple. These rabbis became a major presence in the nation and they began studying and weaving together an image of this Messiah figure. The mixture of lyrical parables and mystical symbols, along with presumably literal statements, was confusing and there were competing theories among the scholars. However, as a broad general trend, you would naturally expect that the militant conquering hero part of the image would become by far the most popular. Nobody seemed much interested in a messianic call to humble repentance for failing the central mission.

By the time the Messiah was actually born, the mythology was full-blown and very little of it was accurate. The literature of Messianic Expectation describes a military conqueror using miracles to defeat all the pagan empires. He would turn stones into bread and no Jew would ever hunger again. All the Gentiles would surrender themselves as slaves to Judeans and bring with them the wealth of the entire world as tribute. Whatever the source of these images, they were extravagant inflations of God's actual promises. The Wilderness Temptations of Jesus were clearly a matter of testing just which kind of Messiah He would be, and Satan clearly preferred the one in popular mythology. That Jesus rejected the popular path sealed His doom as a human. The Jewish leadership rejected him out of hand because His teaching was wholly inconsistent with their legalistic reasoning.

If you pay attention to how the Jewish leadership manipulated the Romans into performing the dirty work of crucifixion, you begin to understand how that Hellenized dagger works. In their minds, these elite rabbis were God's Chosen to rule the whole world, and God had appointed them to make it happen. Jesus talked about compassion for the multitude of Jewish peasants, whom the leaders despised as ignorant of their murky Talmudic mythology. Worse, He dared to suggest that this business of the Law was meant as a gift to the Gentiles, too! And while Jesus Himself had little contact with Gentiles, the whole thrust of His commission to Peter about the Keys of the Kingdom was to gradually spread the message to the peasants, then the Samaritans and finally all the rest of humanity. Oh, horrors! The Jews were supposed to simply give away their sacred trust?

Do you remember how Paul's defense of himself to the crowd from the steps of the Roman armory (Acts 22) went just fine until he dared to mention taking the gospel to the Gentiles (verses 21-22)? We could cite a long list of references but it's not hard to demonstrate the common Jewish hatred for anyone who wasn't a "proper" Jew. Anyone in that part of the world was familiar with the arrogant treatment, clannish withdrawal, the nasty looks and ugly slang labels coming from the Jews. That is, until a Jew was ready to take your money or needed something you had. No wonder the early churches struggled with keeping peace between the Gentile believers and Jewish Christians!

You wonder how the Romans were so patient with the Jews.

Part 3: Damned Flower

The Cult is not Judaism.

Up to now what I've said about Judaism is pretty much what you might learn at any evangelical Bible college or seminary. It's hardly controversial and attracts very little attention because there's simply way too much of it out there. At least, it's not dangerous for now. But if I were to continue tracing the development of Judaism and the Talmud, I'd quickly push into stuff The Cult wants to remain obscure. This foliage bears thorns.

Try to understand how The Cult uses Judaism as a hedge against closer inspection. Part of that game is keeping Jews hypersensitive over the slightest disagreement with their assertions. There can be no loyal opposition, no honor in the slightest deviation from orthodoxy. They'll pull out their propaganda tactics and denouncing the whole discussion as anti-Semitic. If that doesn't work, they'll accuse you of being a Holocaust Denier, which if actually illegal in some parts of the world. There's a lot we can and should learn about that, but the point here is reaching inside that barrier to something hidden even from many insiders.

The Cult is not confined to Jewish Talmudism and Zionism, though. The Cult arose during the lifetime of Apostle Paul, and was just visible to John when he wrote the Apocalypse. It was parallel and far more insidious than the problems the Apostles had with Judaizers. The Cult outgrew and hijacked Judaism, taking only some of the ideas, though it continued hiding behind Jewish identity and religion. As time went on, The Cult spun out a lot of other masking operations, such as the Gnostics. They even steered some of the activity of the official institutional Church in Europe, provoking a powerful union with secular politics. Very early in Western church history do we see the Christian leadership losing their way. Today very few Christians ever seize the glory of the Father and all that He gave to us through Jesus.

Satan was so eager to adopt the Jews was for this very reason. I'm not backtracking on the premise that Judaism has adopted a false image of God and a completely false approach to the revelation. I still teach that the Talmud is just mythology. The only way we can support Israel and Judaism is if it repents and embraces what Jesus said it should have been long ago. That religion looms large as a persistent force opposing the gospel, likely until The End. Judaism is also the perfect seedbed for sprouting something even more sinister, though.

So this isn't really about Jews and Judaism, but The Cult is rooted there. It only seems to be a matter of Jewish identity because that's the most common cover The Cult uses. Rather, The Cult is reflected in elements it shares with Judaism, as well as secular Zionism and a bunch of other human political activities. Again, this is neither about the people nor the institutions so much as the demonic influence meant to steal away our divine heritage. What makes it a cult is that we can trace the same basic religious elements throughout history, regardless of the mask it wears. Nothing that ever came before Judaism has offered such a rich opportunity for The Cult. Our biggest problem with Judaism and Zionism is how The Cult drives them to act as a serious distraction. Pay attention to the fruit and everything else will become clear.

First comes the flower, and then the fruit. We have to learn to read The Cult's signature -- their fruit -- so we can see through the proxies. The Cult has no god; each person worships the self. There is no apparent inkling of any other realm of existence; its heaven would be here. It still grips that two-edged dagger of spiteful elitism and secretiveness. It presumes a highly privileged destiny, a cosmic entitlement to mastery. It seems to include a strong measure of inheritance, a sense of family identity, though we know others have been inducted. Once inside, the commitments span multiple generations. At the same time, they don't really trust each other and can exhibit breathtaking cruelty among themselves when someone fails. Together, the members are their own Messiah.

The whole thing is wrapped in bizarre, mind-warping deception in multiple layers. A significant number of folks think they are members, but are expendable patsies. Getting much closer than this in our understanding is well nigh impossible, but this is enough. It allows us to discern them morally against the fabric of God's character. It doesn't have to make sense; it only has to be discerned. Some of the craziest stuff blamed on Jews, Zionism, Freemasons, etc. has been the work of The Cult.

A major example would be the so-called Protocols of the Elders of Zion. You can look it up; it's dreary and slow reading. However, it accurately reflects the work of The Cult, because events have followed what the document claims to be the plot for taking over the world. From time to time statements and plans by various historical figures have been a perfect match. Indeed, our current global economic malaise is a direct result of the plans in that document. But it's not a Jewish document, nor a Zionist plot; it's the work of The Cult.

And while The Cult is responsible for what is generally called political Zionism today, the agenda of Zionism does not reflect The Cult's plans for itself. This whole business of a return to the Land of Israel for a Jewish country was started as a distraction. It has absorbed vast resources and attention, but I don't doubt for a second that The Cult would willingly let it be destroyed for the goals of global mastery. The Cult doesn't care about Jerusalem and most certainly has no love for common Jewish folks. The Cult wants to own the whole world.

But whoever the initiates of The Cult are, they are still people, mere humans. Despite being able to adjust to twists and turns of history that didn't go as they planned, their adaptations have not always been perfect. Moreover, their apparent plans and concerns have evolved. From generation to generation, their work has shifted with the times. I sense that they struggle with the Internet, in part because too many things with their fingerprints have splashed on the Net that they clearly wanted to keep secret. So far, they've been able to marginalize much of it using the propaganda tactics visible through institutions like the ADL, Christian Zionists, and various other forms of Hasbara (a Hebrew word signifying the public diplomacy of Zionism). Not everything coming from those agencies is from The Cult, but The Cult uses them like any other tool.

Recognize the tools. It is entirely fair to characterize typical Jewish complaints as pure chutzpa. The hypocrisy and double standard is painfully obvious. Anti-Semitism is defined as refusing to kiss their collective asses. Oppression is refusing to let them get away with murder. Anytime any person or group gets tired of the constant whining, the reaction is always treated like a fresh new holocaust. However, this is just a distraction meant to keep us from focusing on the real problem.

Even if we talk about the secretive Rothschild Empire and all the shrouded activity of the global banking system, it's a mask for The Cult, not The Cult itself. However, their activities do reflect cult objectives. For example, using US military and political machinery, The Cult has ensured that the global banking system is the primary basis for warfare and instability. Any country that isn't locked under the global debt-based banking controls will be hounded until it is destroyed. Any country that makes noises of leaving that system is treated even worse. Highly placed political figures have been assassinated for suggesting it.

So The Cult uses our CIA, NSA, Israel's Mossad and plenty of other spying agencies, along with a host of criminal organizations. Their proxies have infiltrated everything they can use. And still there is bungling that leaks out on the Net, though some of the leaks were meant to serve as mere drama and distraction. It's not as if everything you find unpleasant can be blamed on The Cult. There are plenty of things we can blame on them, but the specifics of who, what, when and where could easily distract you from seeing what really matters. Keep your eye on the signature fruit, because The Cult still requires humans who have to meet together to keep it on track and working. This thing is distinct and concrete, with a trail that runs back at least as far as Apostolic times.

I rather believe that God will allow The Cult to continue for a while yet, for the same reason He still employs Satan. Those who will not turn to God will serve some other master, and that's the Devil's job. The Devil has his own congregation, a perverted form of what churches are supposed to be. However, there is no single Antichrist Messiah; that was a parabolic image John and Paul used to talk about the growing influence of The Cult as they saw it in their day.

The Cult is tied to this realm of existence. Satan wants us to believe that there is nothing else; The Cult surely believes so. That's because he holds some great measure of dominion here, but he is also confined here. The moral character of God in Creation restrains him, so that those of us who cling to the Living Law of God can largely escape his direct power. Christ commissioned us to form a spiritual family and take up residence throughout the world as colonists. Our citizenship is elsewhere, but we are here to bring God glory by laying claim to the full power of His Laws in this realm, by manifesting His character in bringing divine justice to everything we touch. Satan cannot keep us from that mission; he can only distract us. Given what we see of mainstream organized Christianity, he's been pretty successful. But the cycle has run its course again and we are seeing a tribulation that always comes with the collapse of any system he builds.

The Cult is just another manifestation of the Tree of Knowledge, producing the Forbidden Fruit. Recognize The Cult for its influence and moral degradation, not what suit it wears. Our warfare is not against flesh and blood, but the spiritual forces of wickedness in this fallen world.

It helps our moral warfare if we can recognize the most common weapons as threats.

Ed Hurst
29 September 2015

While this is not a public domain document, you are free to make copies, use excerpts and express the ideas in your own words. I should hope you'd cite this document as your source, but your conscience is the only enforcement mechanism.