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Kiln of the Soul virtual parish

Thank you for your interest in Kiln of the Soul Ministries. This is a virtual parish. While our members are real humans, we are scattered over the whole world and do as much "church" as we can online. The name we have given our religion is Radix Fidem -- that's Latin for "root of faith." Current activities center around the virtual parish blog. This domain is where the parish will "meet" in virtual space.

Aside from the peculiar business of being a virtual parish, what sets us apart more than anything is our commitment to living from the heart. That's not just a figure of speech, nor do we associate the heart with emotions or some deep quasi-emotional place in the soul. We take rather literally the concept in Scripture that the heart is the seat of convictions and the will. That's where your commitments reside.

Further, even secular science recognizes that the heart is a distinct sensory organ with its own "brain" capable of processing what it senses with a broad range of ten to fifteen feet from the body. But while researchers cannot tell you anything about what the heart-mind senses or what it does, they do know that our conscious awareness can link with the heart. However, Scripture tells us that "with the heart man exercises faith toward righteousness" (Romans 10:10). Scripture presupposes that there is a realm of moral perception above what the five senses and our logic can grasp, that only the heart can reach out and discern the character of God woven into Creation. We believe Scripture requires us to learn faith as the exercise of the heart over the intellect.

Thus, we teach heart-led living in faith.

May the Lord lead you closer to His side.

Ed Hurst



East versus West: A Review of Epistemology -- A survey of the differences between Western and Biblical intellectual traditions, in particular the assumptions about how we know anything.

Post-Victorian Feminist Mythology -- This is a quick survey of how some current feminist mythology was crystallized during the Victorian Era.

The Cult -- We know them not by their physical existence but by their works, their perverse moral character in everything they do in opposition to God's divine justice.

The Heresy of Dispensationalism -- This is a short review of why we view the common Dispensational "End Times" prophetic teaching as nonsense and dangerous to walking in Christ.

A Story of Redemption -- A short work of fiction to highlight grace and redemption in the midst of human tragedy.

The Self -- Transcript of a lecture from 1977 by Dr. Tom Yarborough for a course at Oklahoma Baptist University. The lecture is a fair clinical description of cultivating a sense of conviction.

Two Logic Games -- Just because we emphasize a mystical approach to life does not mean we don't understand formal abstract reasoning.


A Course in Biblical Mysticism -- This is structured like a college course to introduce the emergence of Western Civilization as a contradiction to biblical Christianity. A significant point showing how Western Christianity bears very little resemblance to the religion Jesus taught to His disciples.

The Mind of Christ -- An examination in depth of clues to what sort of human intellect Jesus had.

Biblical Law: Divine Justice -- A short booklet on how we should approach the Law Covenants in Scripture.

Theology and Practice -- A review of common theological issues in light of Radix Fidem teaching, and a few items unique to Radix Fidem.

Bible Studies Series

Old Testament History -- A short survey of the historical books of the Bible, more or less in a chronological order of events.

Proverbs -- One of the few studies where the text is quoted extensively in order to explain what it likely meant to a Hebrew mind.

General Letters -- This is a review of the New Testament portion typically called "General Letters," a collection of correspondence from others besides Paul.

John's Revelation -- An attempt recover the ancient point of view and to offer a dispute against the popular nonsense about John's final vision of truth that he shared with those under his pastoral care.


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