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Do What's Right: pragmatic concerns about morality and God's Laws.

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The Ancient Path to a Renewed Religion

Western Civilization is collapsing, and Western Christianity with it. It's just as well, since the West has always been fundamentally hostile to God's revelation. Given that you are reading this in English, such thoughts are likely alien. So is the religion taught here, though I claim it comes from the same Bible. If you are intrigued by such a claim, read on.

This site was once much more expansive, but the time for that is long gone. There remains only a few critical documents here.

If you were redirected to this page, chances are the documents linked are gone or changed to another format. The political and historical rants are gone, and most of the rest can found in my books published at Smashwords. More current writings are available on my blog. If there is something you feel you simply must have, and request a specific item from the archives, or you can get the entire old site on CD.


The Mission -- We have high hopes that our Mission History is a living document that changes frequently as our outreach to the US Military grows and prospers. To that end, we have prepared a Vision statement of sorts.

Introduction -- We introduce the concept of A Virtual Religion. And while it is generally impossible to summarize the revelation of God it's less difficult to summarize how that revelation contradicts what you see around you -- Summary of Opposition.

Intellectual Ground -- Before building a biblical life, you have to select the proper site for your foundation. We offer a review of the intellectual assumptions of how men can know things (called "epistemology"), in particular from God's Word. For those wishing a more academic exploration, you should try A Course in Biblical Mysticism, a free ebook.

Knowing the Spirit -- Mysticism is not a religion by itself, but a way of arriving at decisions about serving the God of the Bible. In this Christian Mysticism HOWTO, I explain how faith and mysticism are inextricably linked. The Spiritual Development HOWTO carries the process forward. Hearing God is a more clinical discussion.

Quantum Thinking -- Most Christians recognize the phrase, "walking in the Spirit." Unfortunately, most Christians have a very poor idea what that actually means. They might be able to discuss it intelligently, but actually doing it is another matter entirely. They need A Quantum Spirit.

It's Not Working -- Studies in the Laws of Noah as examples of universal justice. One of best ways to understand our obligations under the Covenant of Noah is to study it by comparing it with things in our modern world that fail that standard.

Biblical Education -- The Bible has much to say about child rearing and education, but the ancient ways may be hard for us to bear: Biblical Human Development.

Dispensationalist Lies -- The best defense against The Heresy of Dispensationalism is to know where it came from, why, and how Modern Israel cannot possibly fulfill any part of biblical prophecy.

Prophet's Path -- A training manual for those who believe they are called to prophesy.

Fundamentals of Socio-Sexual Development -- Commonly referred to on the Internet as "Game", you'll need this tool to correct a vast wealth of the world's lies. See also the free ebook, A Christian Guide to the Sexual Marketplace.

Logic Games: Doctrine of the Fall -- More than a discussion of the Doctrine of the Fall, we look at the silly games involved in logical debate tactics.

Oppression in Modern America -- Government oppression is not simply something that happens in other places. Nor is it merely the catch-phrase of whining political hucksters seeking to divide the US. This nation is already deeply and truly divided -- between citizens and unaccountable government employees. My own case provides anecdotal evidence.

Nature of Sin and Temptation -- We examine Scripture, from Genesis to 1 John, and see a distinct pattern describing the nature of temptation shows up.

Omnisexual -- Too often we miss the real issue in our pursuit of public policy debate. The Bible was based on a wholly different concept of human sexuality than prevails in the West today.

Sex, Pornography and Children -- Major taboo topic. We can't ignore it, nor can we afford to let the world make decisions for us on this.

Western Civilization Is Not Christian -- Research paper pointing out one of the biggest lies still told today.

Just for amusement, here is a a cover letter and my resume.

Computer Ministry Stuff

A critical element in my calling is to offer some advice on making the most of your computer.

My book on Debian for Linux newbies: Debian: Try It; You'll Like It. This is available in various ebook formats for free at my Smashwords account (linked on the upper left of this page).

A copy of my .fonts.conf for making the most of your fonts and clarity on most Debian-based systems. You can copy this to your home directory but be sure to add the leading "dot" (period) or your system won't read it.

Alpine with multiple accounts: This tutorial is a plain text file.

World of Ends: A link to an outside document, the absolute essential understanding of the nature of the Internet. Ignore this at your peril.

Everything on this site is offered for public consumption, and without charge. It would be easy to try and formulate all sorts of restrictions and copyright guidelines, but such things seem to me an unnecessary burden on the reader. It might be nice if I were to be paid someday for the effort I put into it, but there's little of God's purpose to be gained by trying to force the issue. Enforcement of those things seldom happens the way we would like. So while I do claim this material as "copyrighted" under the legal definition of the term, in actual practice I state it thus:

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: People of honor need no copyright laws; they are only too happy to give credit where credit is due. Others will ignore copyright laws whenever they please. If you are of the latter, please note what Moses said about dishonorable behavior -- "be sure your sin will find you out" (Numbers 32:23)

This means you should feel free to make a copy of everything here to keep for yourself, and pass it around to others. Hopefully, no one will remove my name from the copy, and will give me proper credit when they quote from it.

Ed Hurst