Moral Complexities

It is a real challenge to stick to a heart-led conviction and wade through the mass of lies. For those of us still learning how to live by divine conviction, seeking to shake off generations of false religious teaching with false moral values, we need a lot of time in prayer and contemplation to catch up. I encourage you to get close to Creation and learn to hear the voice of God in communion with unfallen nature. Learn to pray and worship outdoors in relatively wild settings; get used to just sitting and absorbing that personal moral truth of God’s character. It’s not so much a matter of pristine untouched wilderness — though that is good if you can find it — but a place where the normal noise of human traffic is far enough away that you can hear the sound of nature singing the praises of God.

And then, I encourage you to keep that thrumming song of glory alive when your human responsibilities pull you away from those moments. Stay heart-led; keep an ear on your convictions. This is how we overcome our own sinful tendencies. This is how we restore justice to as much dominion as God grants us individually.

This way, you’ll be in a position to understand when I tell you that a critical element in divine justice is living in that tribal social structure. While it may mean blood kinship, the real point is covenant kinship. That business of shared covenant is the core of divine justice in this fallen world. This is why I characterize shalom as “social stability” — you cannot possibly have genuine social stability any other way than to elevate the covenant to the status of divine law in your thinking.

Of course, we never lose sight of the vast difference between our world of divine justice versus the world around us. Our lives are characterized by the eternal conflict between what is versus what ought to be. We do not control the outcomes; we can just barely control the process within ourselves. Adam — symbolizing our fallen nature — is like a zombie that won’t stay dead, won’t stay nailed to the Cross (Galatians 2:20). We should hardly be surprised that the world around us lives like moral zombies.

I don’t expect the world to understand this kind of talk. It’s not just the way I use language, but the whole thing rests on a moral awareness that only God can give. Instead, I have to speak to the world just a few things that represent their best interests in terms they could understand if they wanted. Instead of talking about the tribal covenant orientation, I refer to nationalism. Whatever bad things might come with that, it’s far better than what comes with other political agendas. If I can persuade men to embrace a nationalist agenda, it’s about as close as they’ll get to social stability and God’s divine blessings.

We are not going to escape death in this world. It’s not what God intended for us, but now it’s the only way out of this mess. But as noted in my previous reference to Galatians 2:20, we can choose death before we actually die. We can sacrifice our sinful nature and God will grant us a trans-dimensional awareness that means we get some kind of taste of the Tree of Life. We face the Flaming Sword at the entrance to Eden and use it on ourselves; it accomplishes the same moral purpose that way. So we become aware of things we can’t really expect to experience in our fallen existence. We see not just the conflict, but the full meaning of the conflict. We can discern the nature of things and characterize for others a vision, a path that leads them somewhat closer to that Flaming Sword. We tell them to embrace nationalism and already know that it means people have to bleed and die. We understand that the Canaanites had to be slaughtered or God could not bless Israel in the Conquest.

A lot of Israeli warriors didn’t quite have that deep moral vision of the Covenant, but they did have a certain useful bloodlust. Humans have a capacity for violence and it’s just plain goofy to suggest that violence is inherently sinful. It has its place in the fallen world. Don’t try to overly analyze this with your reasoning; God commanded His people to destroy and kill because it was part of His inscrutable plans. The problem was that Israel got lazy about it; it’s the sin of Adam in eating the Forbidden Fruit. Fighting moral evil is a dirty job and Adam had competing interests to distract him. He should have attacked the Devil. And Israel failed to bring God’s wrath against the Canaanites in full measure. That violent human tendency does have a godly purpose, but it requires some strong preparation to see what’s the real threat that needs killing instead of seeking fleshly convenience.

Don’t ask me why God would desire whole portions of humanity to die in their sins. This the world in which we live. It’s sad to see so much potential lost that way, but the real problem is our moral blindness. Our intellect is arrogant and imagines it could find a way to redeem those folks and make them more useful. As if we could succeed where God has closed the door…

We aren’t living in a society that embraces the Covenant of Noah, and I’m not appointed by God to take political leadership. I’m not going to tell you whom you should go and kill with any kind of moral authority from God. Rather, I’ll tell you that the question of using violence is valid under Biblical Law; it’s a valid question for those who follow Christ. But you have to get with God and know for yourself what He wants. We don’t listen to the shrill false morality of our society because it stands on a false moral approach to everything. It flies in the face of God and His revelation; it makes the State your god and demands you do violence only at government behest. Some of you reading this will, in the near future, be confronted with moments when violence is God’s will for you, never mind what government says. I’m utterly convinced I will face those moments. God can redeem our bloodlust, too.

For the rest of humanity in our current American political context, I would say that violence against the likes of the Antifas is justified. But I would also say don’t get lost in that. You may need to save some for the real threat: the globalists behind the Antifas. Do you honestly imagine those folks will peacefully surrender their political power? They are the ones funding the Antifas. Sure, wait for them to force your hand — they will. They most certainly would not hesitate to kill you as a simple matter of convenience.

Would you rather we just keep going in the same muddled direction where the plutocrats plunder everyone of everything? How bad does it have to hurt before you act? If you want to stop the oppression, the path is to take down the globalists first, then the imperialists — the former is shielding the latter. As the linked article notes, there will come a time when the imperialists will send out fake Antifas to keep you distracted from attacking the imperialist agenda. So while you have a little fun punching out the Antifas, don’t get confused about the real threat.

In the end, the thing you imagine you are protecting or recovering will lie shattered on the ground. In the back of your minds, realize that the system as come to an end already, and it’s time for you to build something new once you have broken the plutocrat power over you.

Europeans: I can’t help you much. The globalists own you already; God has delivered your countries into their hands. Your lands are already swamped with implacable foes and your future is lost. The Islamic conquest fended off in 732 at the Battle of Tours has now been embraced by your political elite. You folks will have to find your own answers. The tide cannot be turned back now. You’ll need to learn violence merely to survive on a daily level. God help you.

For those of us who walk the heart-led way, don’t get trapped in political concerns. Learn to recognize what’s happening and be ready to exploit the opportunities for Christ’s glory.

They Could, But Won’t

Judah didn’t have to face exile in Babylon. Even after all their many failures, slipping into idolatry, they could have settled into their punishment at God’s hand by serving Babylon quietly. Jeremiah said as much, but the Judean leadership kept trying to play politics with Egypt, playing her off against Babylon.

By the same token, I will tell you that the Democrats in the US can still recover and win the public over to their side. But it won’t happen, for much the same reason that Judah kept rebelling against Babylon: They refuse divine wisdom.

Listen to your heart for a moment. What happens to Christians who don’t pull their conscious awareness up into their heart-minds? This has no effect on their eternal destiny, but they will completely miss out on the heritage of faith in this life. You cannot truly walk with Christ without your heart in ascendancy in your soul. On the other hand, you can walk in your heart’s wisdom without Christ. The difference is that, in the latter case, you miss out on the direct revelation of the Holy Spirit. Thus, you can still discern what’s wise according to the moral fabric of the universe, but you won’t really know God and you won’t have that prophetic edge in your planning.

On the one hand, I’ve warned repeatedly that God is brought His wrath on the USA. I’ve gone to great lengths to explain why, but the point here is that a critical element in that path of wrath is that there will be a right-wing backlash. The right-wing instincts will serve as God’s tool, just as Babylon’s conquering lust was God’s tool against Judah. Except that America is not a covenant nation, so we don’t get any of the benefits of covenant protection. So there is a sense in which America as we know it will be destroyed, displaced by something else. It won’t matter whether Americans notice; it will be so. Wise hearts will see it clearly.

But the plan includes executing the wrath of God through the mass movement led by folks with a right-wing orientation. Let’s review just a moment what that means. The American right-wing is moved by “rule of law” or playing by the rules. It’s process-oriented. The left-wing is moved by fairness in terms of outcomes. In both cases the self-conscious orientation has been provoked to a fever pitch, so that most of the activists on both sides are more truculent and harsh than would normally be the case otherwise. People aren’t normally that stupid. So the mood of the nation in terms of the current drift of what shall dominate events is a vengeful rule-of-law.

By “rule of law” we are not referring to existing legal policy, but a broader myth of what law ought to be in a libertarian-leaning Enlightenment philosophy about liberty. Thus, the current majority-in-effect in America has been rubbed raw by legal policy that has turned a tiny minority into a privileged class. There’s nothing inherently unwise about identity politics, but there is something wrong with punishing today’s majority for the sins of their forefathers. It’s this passion for retribution that is entirely foolish. This is what has brought about the current political climate, in which the right-wing is utterly and spitefully deaf to anything the left has to say.

Had the leadership of the Democrats truly intended to rule, they would not have pandered to the whiny by creating a new predatory ruling class. The current established leadership at the DNC doesn’t give a damn about justice; they are race baiting, gender pampering, and looking for any excuse to stir up a false fury and vengeance. That’s where the plunder is. Had they attacked the real root of the problems they care about, their fortunes would have been much better at this point. The issue is winning the hearts and minds of folks without stirring up hatred. It requires backing off the absolutism of those seeking to plunder the existing social order, but suggesting policies that move the majority without implacable demands for specific outcomes.

But it takes a prophetic guidance in the heart to know that the Republicans don’t have to reform right now; they are in control because they have courted this core movement that has suffered too much at the hands of outcomes-based retribution. It wasn’t the wisdom of the Republican Party leadership, but the bulldozing of someone who refuses to play by their customary procedures. In other words, the Republicans harvest the benefit of something they really didn’t want. It remains to be seen where this unsettled context leads, but that is really not critical to what God is doing in His wrath. The bulldozer in the Oval Office is just a focal point of what God is doing, not the center of action. That action is in the field distributed across the country. The true threat to the left is the sheer power and dominance of the majority-in-effect that Democrats refuse to court.

So here is the prophetic point of this: Stop thinking and acting as if the Republicans and the President matter. They are symptoms of God’s wrath, not the substance of what He is doing. If you want to know what’s going on, get your news from the social media. Get a feel for where this mass of very unhappy rigth-wingers are going; their agenda is where God has ordained His wrath. It is not where He has set His blessings. This compares favorably with the situation in Jeremiah’s day. If you can embrace the prophetic warning, you are in a position to let your heart’s wisdom make the most of a bad situation. The right-wing movement is Babylon in ascendance. The left-wing is the slimy deception from Egypt. In due time both of them will be crushed by other forces.

It dosen’t matter if folks have leftist outcomes-based morals or right-wing process-based morals; they can’t keep listening to predatory leadership if they expect to harvest God’s promised blessings. The poltical wrangling matters not; we need a heart-led awareness to do anything that does matter.

Why Tribulation?

This shouldn’t be too hard to understand if your mind knows your heart: Divine justice was never punitive in nature. It was always redemptive. Sure, you could cross some threshold and be taken from this world. The manner of execution would always fit the broader redemptive needs of the community involved, so you shouldn’t imagine that it always has to be quick and merciful for the perpetrator. Still, it was never aimed at dehumanizing the bad guy or gal. They could always confess their sin and may well be received into Heaven afterward. You may struggle with that if you still have a wealth of Western notions of “justice,” but if our Creator approves of something you don’t like, then the problem is with you.

I’ve worked closely enough to the American penal system to know it intimately. It’s wrong all the way through. It’s foundation is built at the Gates of Hell. It arises from the world of Beowulf and the cold, spiteful world that spawned such literature. It presumes a world where the deity is lazy and not really interested in people; that deity was intensely selfish. That’s not Jehovah, and the American penal system devours both the guards and prisoners and the society that spawns such a system. It turns everyone into a Grendel.

Once again: The Covenant of Noah, including the vast wealth of cultural and intellectual traditions of the Ancient Near Eastern world, is reality. That covenant rests squarely on the fabric of God’s own moral character. The petty anger of an offended, vengeful and fearful Western society is contrary to reality. That’s on top of all the things we make illegal that aren’t even a threat to us. You have to understand that the entire legal system is designed to protect government privilege, nothing more. Under the pretense of objectivity and “rule of law” it simply pampers government officials. It turns bureaucratic inconvenience into a sin, and the people be damned. When you fight reality as God created it and revealed it, you gain His wrath.

His wrath serves one primary purpose: His glory. It shows His holiness and purity, that He cannot abide sin. However, His wrath is always structured to offer a chance to repent and be made whole, restored to the proper place in a world of shalom. So the wrath of tribulation is God doing things His way, offering the only path to restoration. That a whole civilization of people refuses to understand is their fault. You cannot hold Him accountable to make it easy for you to take it the way you would prefer. His revelation is more than adequate to meet every human need.

The first step in restoration is confession and repentance. That is the gateway to rapprochement with God. It’s personal; it’s between you and God. Then comes petition for terms of restoration. That presumes you will seek to heal the damage you have done to His reputation and His Creation. This includes a presumption that you would meet with the victims and strive to clean up the mess. Yes, in our world that would probably never work. It requires heart-led judges who know God’s Word to moderate, especially when the victims are Westerners full of vengeance and spite. Westerners pickle their whole world in excessive and unjustified grievance. In the end, God is the final Judge decides what is just recompense.

Did it ever occur to anyone that the biblical Cities of Refuge were their version of “pre-trial confinement”? You can’t leave safely, but your restriction is pretty generous. You still have to behave yourself to avoid trouble with local government, but it’s far more sensible than anything we do now. And the trials were nothing like ours.

It’s always possible that there is no path to restoration in this world. Sometimes the perpetrator remains spiteful for whatever reason, or perhaps the harm was simply too great. That’s covered in God’s Law. They still get a chance to confess and repent, but about the only thing it changes here is the manner of execution. That has to fit the nature of the problem, as a symbolic demonstration of divine justice. One size does not fit all, and Western notions of what’s “humane” are based on that same heathen world view from Beowulf.

For example, if the crime was murdering someone, then the victim’s family is obliged to take the criminal’s life in a manner similar to the crime. They can be merciful, but they cannot do worse. Yet Noah’s Covenant demands that they be given the chance to execute; they have to do it themselves. In some instances, the only realistic answer is that the family of the perpetrator has to carry it out on behalf of the victims — and they have to do it themselves. The people closest to the crime are the ones God says should handle the execution. When Genesis 9 says something about taking the life of those who needlessly take human life, it presumes we all know it means either victim’s family or the perpetrator’s family have the burden of acting to execute.

Sometimes the nature of the crime brings it up to the attention of a higher jurisdiction of the family-clan-tribe involved. That should be obvious from the context. A pagan or secular government sins against God when it interferes in this divinely ordained protocol. In God’s eyes, there cannot be such a thing as crime against a secular state, aside from a very direct attack on the government officials and system itself. Even then, it depends on whether the attack was justified under God’s Law. That’s because a secular state is fundamentally contrary to His Law. The New Testament warns that there’s not much we can do in practice to avoid submitting to such a government, but that’s another matter. We are discussing here the ideals of God’s Law.

This is why every nation and civilization comes to an end, and why it always involves tribulation. None of them are just in God’s eyes, so at some point His holiness demands an answer. In our case with the US in particular, and the West in general, it is the relentless anti-heart-led approach to life that calls down His wrath. It is the endless spiteful rejections of God’s revelation that calls for destruction. Pointing out the vast chasm between God’s justice system for fallen men versus the filthy perversion that is called “justice” in the US is just an example. It strikes at the very essence of God’s way versus the world’s way.

We Reveal

Our most important mission is the truth. Not just telling it, but living it so that it gains a living force — be the incarnation of truth. In fact, given the way things are in Western society, telling is pointless until you have established your credibility by living it.

There is a sense in which we are talking about living by biblical law or divine justice. Not the Mosaic Code, but the Law of Noah as seen through the eyes of Christ. We study that here. But there are certain things not always obvious, even if we assume you are heart-led. Not just in the words here, because if the sum total of your religion is reading what I write or what my affiliates write, you don’t have a religion. I’m talking about how you act in meat space; that’s what building your religion means.

So that’s the starting point: Shift the focus of your consciousness into your heart. This puts you in the place to sense the real need, the thing God wants you to focus on in any given context. Never, never, never let any other human pressure you into doing something that doesn’t feel right with your convictions. That’s not God’s mercy. That’s just being the extension of someone else’s convictions and it’s not right. Discover your own convictions; get used to sensing things from your heart.

The next thing is letting your heart tell you what you can and should do to redeem various contexts. Again, don’t let someone else define for you what you should do. Human intellectual analysis of human need is a waste of time. Humans don’t know what they need without hearing it from their hearts. Give what you have from your heart. If they can’t use it, keep offering it elsewhere until someone takes it. The starting point for all of this is your direct connection to the Creator who knows what people really do need in order to find His truth.

Do what you know how to do: Fix a car or some part of a house; help calm someone down who is out of sorts; clean up a mess you didn’t make; listen to a sob story; rescue a trapped animal — use your imagination. Trust in God. At the same time, avoid building a false dependency. You’d be surprise how many people would just love to become dependent on someone else for anything at all. Set them free; don’t make their chains of moral folly any heavier. Learn how to say “no” if that’s your heart’s answer. Don’t entangle yourself. And sometimes the biggest miracle of all is simply being patient and putting up with someone or something that really isn’t your problem. Love them despite their being unlovable.

Also, it doesn’t have to be that significant. Do some small thing that’s far beneath your best and brightest talents. Try picking up trash once in a while. Let Creation tell you what needs changing, what needs a redeeming touch to set things back on the course of divine justice. Invest some time to contemplate what fire burns inside of you to restore things to what God revealed.

Take No Prisoners

Moral reasoning is the master of all human knowledge. Without moral valuation, nothing else matters, because nature itself objects to moral vacuity. Reality will crush you unless you first establish a heart-led moral frame of reference. And the heart-mind alone is competent in moral reasoning; the intellect has no anchor point at all within itself for such consideration. Reason knows only the mechanism for finding what pleases itself, and that pleasure arise entirely from the various lusts of our fleshly being — Lust of the Eyes, Lust of the Flesh and Boastful Pride of Life.

The intellect is inherently pretentious. It cannot see clearly in the mirror of its own reason, but proclaims itself a separate party from the competing desires from below that imaginary floor of reason and clear thought. It pretends it can umpire between the various mindless demands of the fleshly appetites, when in reality, it only moderates them with crafty tactical considerations. The final question the intellect answers is, “What can we get away with?” Once the intellect accepts a demand from the lusts, it internalizes that demand as inherently good-right-and-just, and projects that outward as some kind of cosmic moral imperative. In the mind, reality itself demands this thing he or she wants.

No civilization in human memory has so thoroughly fallen for this deception as the West. Western Civilization was the first to discard entirely the supremacy of the heart-mind. Instead, it ensconced the intellect as lord of all. No other civilization rests so completely on the self-deception of reason. We have this vast, smothering pretense that reason alone is competent in all matters worth any thought at all. That each and every individual holds competing answers to life’s questions serves to indicate some presumably obvious need for the rise of a reasoning priesthood to establish the baseline for everyone else.

What no one seems to notice is that the flavor and shape of this alleged baseline of what is judged “reasonable” reflects the bias of whomever cares most about subjecting everyone else under their viewpoint. It’s that busybody impulse that rules Western society because the vast majority would rather back off, just live and let live. So the busybodies rule and their narrative is the default. Despite being an obvious minority, they insist that theirs is the majority viewpoint because no one else has that evil impulse to seize control and dominate the conversation before things can get out of hand. “We can’t just let people do what they want!” They seize the dominance without any of God’s moral justifications. Indeed, they demand to hold the authority of the shepherd without the slightest inkling of accountability for the sheep.

We reject this state of affairs. Not that we can dislodge the prissy busybodies from their dominance of Western society, but we are under no moral obligation to buy into their narrative. Indeed, the truly Christlike answer is to wisely consider from the heart that there are times to raise a prophetic ruckus against it. Given that the busybodies claim to own Jesus, too, we know better than to engage in debate about it. We learn that this sick blindness is equivalent to demon possession. Don’t argue, just act. And when you do, never apologize. Never regret, because that’s just buying into the Devil’s lie.

Genuine compassion is moral superiority. The compassion that gently binds up wounds is the same compassion that roughly snatches someone from the fire. It’s all one. It’s the same compassion that slaughters any army attacking your God-given dominion. It’s merely a question of tactics. What does it take to obey your divine call? What does it take to glorify His name in this context? Shape your answer from biblical morals, not from Western mythology.

Psalm 98

This is another coronation song. The wording suggests a rather impromptu celebration of Jehovah’s reign based on some recent miraculous deliverance. In the Ancient Near East, a ruler asserted his dominion in the form of giving laws. However, it was nothing like modern Western legislation, but the ruler would declare what kinds of things would get his attention. He would then promptly pass judgment on any pending cases, not least charges of disloyalty against those who refused to declare allegiance upon his taking the throne. A king’s law presumed a personal loyalty to him and a desire to please him. This image is necessary to understand the expressions in this psalm.

The first verse emphasizes the celebration of some mighty deliverance of Jehovah’s people. He did it by His own hand, not by hiding behind some army of men. This was no mere announcement, but an assertion by power itself. The next two verses loudly proclaim that He demonstrated the power to defend His domain; there is no way anyone anywhere on this earth can dispute it. In particular, He showed His intention to defend Israel and His divine grant to her. Let none dare challenge them in their place.

The next triplet of verses encourages everyone to make a joyful noise with whatever musical talents they might possess. There is mention of ancient instruments and we might surmise this was composed before the Exile.

Indeed, it does seem to echo the sentiments of Isaiah’s latter chapters in the final trio of verses. In typical Hebrew fashion, Creation itself is personified in various elements. How easily Westerners forget that ancient people believed Creation was a living thing, and God Himself used such language. The oceans, rivers and mountains thunder with His praise; do we listen? How could we not join in this celebration? Behold, He comes to assert His dominion over all Creation — mercy to the loyal, but wrath on those who oppose Him.

Our Crazy Ancient New Religion 1

Have you ever wondered why the Law of Moses is loaded with what seems mere sanitation measures?

Anyone with some knowledge of modern health sciences tends to notice how much of what Moses called “divine justice” is just common sense healthy choices for folks in that time and place. Does it make divine justice a little less divine? Only if your approach to religion lacks the heart-mind. To a Western rationalist, it is utterly necessary to understand all things from human reason. Once a rational answer is found, the discussion is ended: “We know what this is.”

No, you don’t.

Holiness as defined by that ancient religion was not in the ritual. It was a heart-led religion and culture, not a rational and materialistic culture. The ritual was reaching for a holiness totally outside reason. If all you had was ritual obedience, you could get by. There would be things that you wouldn’t like, things that didn’t make sense, but you would at least not get into trouble with your community. For a lot of folks, that was reason enough, because most people would hardly survive outside of their community.

But that would not carry the whole nation. Someone in leadership had to understand with their hearts, not just their heads, that the rituals had a far deeper reason. It was more than simple tradition as most folks today think of it. It was holiness in the sense of wholeness, of being consistent with reality. It was seeing beyond mere function to the moral heart of the matter.

Ritual and tradition are not strong enough. Health science is not strong enough, either. It has to be something that pulls at you from another realm, something that empowers you to walk, not so much in slavish obedience, but in the joy of finding your real self.

It’s true that some of the rituals of Moses are incomprehensible to us today. Part of the problem is centuries of intellectual drift so that we have virtually no one translating today who grasps the heart-led analysis, so we get garbled English renderings. I’m not superior to them, so I set aside those things if I can’t come up with a guess that brings me a sense of peace. But for the most part, the Law of Moses is contextual morality, and genuine holiness with God looks a lot like just plain good health. But making that connection straight across from human reason to human results misses the whole point.

We have to climb up into the moral sphere before we can understand what’s going on here.

Creation bears the stamp of God’s character. That should be obvious to anyone who can swallow the idea of God as Creator. It’s His design and consistent with His Person and character. But it’s alive, not inert — He said that. Thus, it responds to His touch in a very personal and living manner. It responds to the only signature it knows: His divine character. So when some other source manifests His character, how can Creation not respond to that, as well? God says the key to knowing and recognizing Him is a matter of moral character. Moral character is visible only from the heart-mind. The intellect cannot read such things; it knows only the mechanics of things.

Your fleshly body is a part of Creation. If you harmonize with His moral character in regards to your body, you will be as healthy as you can be on this earth. It’s the same as when you act in Creation aside from your fleshly body. Doing what’s right for Creation is right for your body, and vice versa. Nail this down: holiness and health are linked. Not where our intellect can see the link, but the heart alone can see it. The link apparent to our intellect is missing a lot of depth.

Our heart seeks to conform to the Creator’s love. This will, of necessity, conflict with the advice you get from health professionals at times, just as conforming to the other parts of Moses’ Law conflict with human evaluations of justice. They cannot see the moral fabric of Creation, and cannot justify in their reasoning what God requires. Creation is dead and inert to human reason.

Much of what we do in obedience to our Creator’s loving guidance turns out to be healthy for our bodies, but that’s not really the point for us.

Election Prayers?

Let’s review: It won’t matter who wins the presidential election here in the US. The Trumanite bureaucracy rules and the president will always be a mere figurehead. Unless we get a president with the will and means to destroy the bureaucracy, nothing will change except that this slide will continued downhill. America is doomed.

So what could I pray for during this election? First and foremost, I pray that the utterly perverted “Christian” facade of Ted Cruz will be ripped away, exposed for all the world to see. There’s nothing to gain from wishing harm upon the man himself, but I pray God expose this fake for what he is, because it is major blasphemy.

Trump apparently has little to hide, so we can see his shady morals.

And while I could care less if she goes to jail, I want a similar full exposure of Clinton’s criminal conduct. Again, the single biggest problem is the facade. It should be the sort of thing no one bothers to deny, so plain and unavoidable.

Sanders has a few skeletons in his closet, so exposure would be considerably less dramatic for him.

And surely you realize that people committed to these various candidates won’t change their tune once everything is exposed. Rare, indeed, is the activist who actually works from the facts. It’s a form of idolatry.

This is precisely what we should want to see exposed — the idolatry. While I might toss off the standard noble prayer request that God revive our faith and heal our land, I want to avoid the vast load of bullshit that normally comes with that sort of pious language. I am praying that God’s moral truth be revealed in our land, which would naturally mean a torrent of wrath. There is no glee in human suffering, but it’s worse if sin can be ignored, so let Him reveal His judgment on this nation’s sin. The meaning I put behind “a national revival of faith” means very few current religious institutions would still exist. My deepest compassion is for the significant number of genuine believers trapped in a corrupt and politicized system that blinds them to the vast heritage of blessings our Lord holds for them.

I want God to win this year. Not in this election, but I want Him glorified against the horrific evil that our political process has become.

Love Is the Law

I behold the face of my beloved. I seriously doubt you would find it aesthetically pleasing, but you haven’t spent a lifetime in her love, so I can forgive you for that. But I’m willing to bet you would understand how I can gaze on her face and in my mind trace every detail with rapture.

One of my favorite songs offers the following lyrics:

In mirrors I have seen Your face
Your voice can reach me anywhere
And I begin to turn away
And You just turn me back again

And I belong
Yes, I belong
To You, oh Lord my God

(Mylon LeFevre, “I Belong” from Crack the Sky 1987)

For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known. (1 Corinthians 13:12 NKJV)

When you come face-to-face with God, you see yourself as He does, reflected back in His eyes. Both the terror of disappointing Him in our sin and the mercy of His love welcoming us home will you see in His face. Paul says there will be some moment in our future where we experience this in some ultimate sense beyond literal, but that we experience it in some measure even now. When you turn inside yourself, you’ll find God waiting there all along. He wants this for us.

But it takes some doing to get our attention because we are born so deeply distracted. We come into life with a body yelling and screaming for resources to build according to that pattern in our DNA. At some point, we become aware that the world is not a mere extension of those demands, but that it has its own will. That’s when we discover our will, too. A critical element of human consciousness is what behavioral science calls “individuation” — an awareness of ego and boundaries. If we are fortunate, this eventually results in some intellectual development, but working from our resources alone, that’s where it ends.

It is not enough. We may believe our senses and reason provide sufficient answers; our intellect assumes it is sufficient for all that matters. It is not. The intellect did not make the world, so it cannot discern the full essence of things. It requires input from the One who did make the things we encounter in our world. It requires revelation.

God granted that revelation. He did so on His own terms, based on His expertise in how things actually work. But that’s not all; as time wore on He continued that conversation of revelation with humanity. He responds. And the initial encounter for humans tends to be in terms of His Law Covenants. It’s “law” in the sense of personal demands regarding the entire realm He owns. His character is the ultimate Law, but we must transition from our moral blindness to His face, such that we are able to bear the terror of His face and receive the mercy. We were designed for that, but something happened to destroy that natural communion.

The destruction of our natural state in communion with Him was in asserting the conscious reason as master over the moral will. In my writing, I use the image of the heart as the higher moral faculty, and that the intellect must learn to obey the heart. The Fall includes breaking that linkage, though it is far more than that. The point is that we were created with a full awareness of the Creator’s moral character as the essence of how to live, but we lost that direct awareness and must gain it back. And it’s not easy nor simple. The first step is an awareness of His Law Covenants.

The Law Covenants in the Bible manifest His moral character in a limited fashion, providing examples and hints of what life would look like if we understood His character. He built and provided a cultural package for receiving and preserving the understanding of His Law as a part of the Law itself. The message is granted in terms of a particular set of assumptions about reality, assumptions long lost and actively hidden from us today. It’s not enough to translate the words of the Law Covenants, but to embrace the assumptions that go with them.

Assuming we can get folks to grasp that need, we discover a wide variation in the human talents necessary to do this quickly. In other words, most folks need some help because they are slow at absorbing the whole thing. Those who can run are obliged to come back and guide those who crawl. Some of us quickly discover that the verbal expression of Laws are not actually the Law itself, because the Law is the character of the Person. Words indicate the path; you are supposed to come face to face with God as close as you can and explore every feature of His Face. And do it often, rather like lovers who can’t get enough of each other.

That intense loving relationship is the essence of the Laws.

Our witness to the world is living the implications of the Law Covenants. They give shape and structure that makes the face of God distinct and recognizable. We can’t make people see His face, but we can certainly walk in His Law Covenants in the sense, not of intellectual abstraction, but in the sense of abstraction on a higher level of the heart and moral conviction.

The Ultimate Healing Miracle

I’m an introvert. This short list covers it well enough in my case. For example, I can preach to a huge audience and get them to listen; people tell me I have energy and charisma in the pulpit. But I’m not much good for awhile after the message is delivered. Chitchat is hard work for me, and I really hate talking on the phone. I’ll do it because I care about people, but it’s a discipline. I really don’t enjoy it unless it’s something very absorbing.

Perhaps you notice that most of those traits don’t mean anything online. If all you know about me is what you experience from my virtual persona, my introverted personality may never register with you. Still, a physical church congregation is highly unlikely to coalesce around me here because that is not how I’m wired. I’ll do what I can to help folks around me with whatever they need, but it simply isn’t in me to gather a congregation. That requires talents I don’t have. More importantly, it requires a calling I don’t have.

My calling is prophetic in effect; prophets have typically been introverts. Not every one of them, not all the time, but it’s a trend you can spot in how they operate in their social context. There were moments in Jesus’ life when He seemed introverted, though it’s not consistent. A part of me would rather be gregarious and involved, but I’d get nothing done that matters to me. I tend to believe it’s a symptom, not a fundamental cause in itself. I’m not tormented by introversion; I don’t pray for “healing” from that. I’ve been tormented and healed from far worse things, and I’m praying others are healed, too.

What matters most to me is setting people free from artificial constraints so that they can discover their heart-mind. While my personal orientation is clearly flavored by my evangelical background, but you’ll never catch me telling you that it’s the only possible way you can be heart-led. In fact, I don’t even insist you pay attention to the Bible or Christian religion at all. The issue with my religion is letting you know that, if you hang around here, that’s what you’ll get. As long as you can humor me, there’s nothing to prevent however much involvement as you can swallow. More important than echoing me is that I see evidence you are living with your reason subservient to your heart.

On the other hand, I do know that walking heart-led tends to manifest in certain moral trends. So I teach those as the norm from my limited perspective. We might not agree in detail; it may take a while for you to decide you get what I’m saying. However, it has been pretty consistent that people who get the heart-led existence tend to share certain larger moral concerns. If nothing else, you are likely to embrace the danger of relying on human reason. You won’t put too much trust in what people say is reasonable and just when it clearly comes from a moral logic that excludes the leadership of the heart-mind. In the broadest terms, we all seem to agree that materialism and its resulting philosophical orientation is a serious mistake.

And the content of any moral decisions based on that orientation isn’t the point. I don’t care what side you root for; chances are they are all wrong because they are all based on something far below a heart-led morality. Show me a government that so much as permits a tribal social structure and some limited feudal government natural to that setting and I’ll migrate and pledge allegiance today. Until then, my loyalty to any government is conditional, and I’m likely to avoid their attention as much as possible. And agitation or attempts to demand an opportunity to live by biblical morals is simply not a heart-led moral choice. I’m not interested in bringing down any government, either.

That includes the modern State of Israel. That includes the political movement we call Zionism. I don’t like those things, but it’s because they are based on certain deceptions that I consider worse than most. In other words, the real issue is the dead-heart morality behind Israel and Zionism, and the resulting heretical theology of Dispensationalism.

I’m praying for God to bring His wrath to bear against sin globally, in part because I’m convinced the cycle of His actions are headed in that direction. I’m quite certain it will mean radical changes in the political landscape. I don’t pretend to know the details, only that it’s consistent with how God has acted throughout history. I’m pretty sure of my prophetic word that the current governing system of the US will be destroyed, but I can’t pretend to know how it will look on the ground. I assume it will mean social instability and some increased bloodshed for awhile, and I’m going to guess that the US will be broken into smaller regional states, but that’s just my brain trying to make sense of something my heart knows. I assume it also indicates that the little country of Israel will be destroyed in a similar sense, though perhaps with a much harsher collapse.

I suppose there’s nothing wrong with praying for or against any particular nation, as you feel led by your heart, but that’s not the focus of my writing here. I’m focused on breaking the mass of Christian believers free from the bondage to a false belief. Not that they would believe what I believe, but that whatever they believe, it’s the result of being led by their hearts, not someone else’s reasoning and logic. I want to see Dispensational Theology discredited in some way that Christians are given a chance to hear and see a different belief. Dispensationalism rests on human reasoning, not on Scripture and certainly not from any heart-mind awareness.

It would be nice if Western Christianity as a whole were to divorce itself from this fake Israel, I would consider it an answered prayer if believers simply have to chance to see it for what it is. Let them see what a hollow, inflated bag of nonsense this is, and decide for themselves if they can walk away from that. Just having the lies exposed would be the single biggest miracle I can imagine.