Prophetic Economics 06

We are the shepherd society. We operate on biblical feudal justice.

You are your brother’s keeper, but be aware of who your brother is and in what sense. In fundamental moral terms, you cannot call a brother someone who rejects the bonds of family. Your family is anyone who shares a heart-led orientation; your closest family are those who share your moral dominion. Stop accepting responsibility for people who won’t share your covering.

The world is not your family. You can be kind to anyone and give whatever God has placed in your hands for strangers in need. Do not give strangers your seed corn. It’s up to you to decide what those symbolic images cover in real terms, but don’t let anyone — especially people who aren’t heart-led — try to saddle you with guilt and false responsibility for people who don’t share your faith. If you don’t differentiate, you insult God.

People who refuse the conviction-led moral path to justice will reap the whirlwind. There is nothing you can do for them. You cannot force God to bless them, and you cannot force them to stand under His covering. Discern and distinguish; keep some distance from those on the road to hell. Call out to them when it’s appropriate, but don’t join them.

The globalists are already receiving God’s wrath. Their situation will get worse until their agenda is dead. God alone knows what will happen to the leftists they have been using as foot soldiers all these years. However, we should expect their false religion to reach a fever pitch before it comes crashing down. Don’t take any crap from them, even as you show the shepherd’s empathy for their sorrows. The wounds are self-inflicted.

The imperialists will fall sometime later. US military power is hollow from within as profit-taking has produced a mass of worthless weapons; training has been blunted by political correctness. It was never that good in the first place — I can assure you, as I was there twice. It worked well enough with people of decent morals and good sense, but that all belonged to a previous era. Military training philosophy is obsolete and no one that matters has noticed. God will allow our military to fail more and more in coming days.

Your greatest blessing is in decentralizing and reducing dependencies on anything that isn’t God or from God. He has promised to prosper us in the midst of chaos if we will just obey Him from the heart. Your starting point is to be utterly certain where He wants you to serve. A major element in His mission for us includes infiltration, so don’t hesitate to get involved in something you know will eventually fail. He calls us to places where we can glorify Him, where we can find His favor. It’s all about your personal victory over your own fallen nature, not how you succeed as humans measure such things.

In every situation, live the glory of God.

Prophetic Economics 05

The ultimate failure of the left was the insistence that everything about humans is mere conditioning; it’s all cultural artifact. So the solution to every moral evil is a matter of hammering on the culture until it changes. In other words, they start by denying the Fall. Their entire foundation denies God and substitutes a deity of their own imagining. Their moral perspective is a blasphemous delusion, and it cannot possibly work for very long. When you ignore reality, things will stretch only just so far before it all snaps back into place. That image of “snapping back into place” is one edge of the sword of God’s wrath on sin.

The only advantage on the right is that their worldview does embrace the Fall. Indeed, the right is shot through with varying degrees of belief that being self-centered is perfectly normal. Their major flaw is in rejecting the demands of redemption. In particular, they push such demands off into “personal religion” and allow precious little application of that religion to speak to their fundamental assumptions. People are generally bad, so get used to it and let’s make ourselves materially comfortable.

And this naturally means exploiting human moral weakness for profit. Not just taking advantage of it, but encouraging it. There is no such thing as “vice” except as a term of relative personal discomfort with natural human behavior. To the degree that this approach is somewhat closer to reality, it is more durable and effective. There is a Holy Cynicism, but this lesser cynicism is close enough to work well when few are aware of the difference. This is what calls for the other edge of God’s sword of wrath, where He gets more directly and assertively involved in punishing sin.

Meanwhile, the right-wing political spectrum is less easily united and controlled. Here in the US, it has coalesced into the mainstream who are easily steered, and there remains a very large group who think for themselves, giving rise to a wide variety of philosophical approaches that share the common theme of liberty, along with a presumption of nationalism, in which one’s idea of “nation” may vary from another’s. Given the massive noisy onslaught from the left, the differences among the nationalists isn’t enough to cause trouble. They have the fellowship of shared persecution.

The right-wing was quicker to adopt the Internet, and are more likely to get involved in the underlying protocols. Not so much to the degree of uber-geeks, but they have a good working knowledge of it. It’s a part of the DIY ethic burned into nationalism versus the leftist habit of hiring experts and giving them orders without dirtying their own hands. The political right has always been more technology savvy because it’s part of their willingness to get their hands dirty. Because of this the right has been more productive and profitable in ways that survive economic tough times. Thus, not is right-wing political activity generally cheaper, but typically pays its own way.

But same as the left, the political leadership of the right isn’t really nationalist — it’s imperialist. The difference is not always that obvious since there is a lot overlap in practice. Politicians are typically some of both, and most of them are willing to take the money because there is no real pressure to squelch that self-indulgence. To all appearances, globalists outnumber the imperialists, but the imperialists get more done with their constituency. Meanwhile, the actual projects of both globalists and imperialists are often shared, but without the imperialists and right-wing productivity, the left would have been broke long ago. If the left were to ever succeed at their whole agenda, we would all starve. Their globalist leadership seems intent on that very thing, hoping they can somehow make us like being slaves. In this, they are allies to the imperialists.

The flaw in this plan was the Internet. There have always been nationalists who resented the secrecy and dominance of the imperialist leadership on the social right, but their rascally individualism prevented effective cooperation amongst themselves. That is, it was a hindrance until the Internet made it so very easy for them to find more common cause. There has been a subtle cultural shift; the prickly individualism of meat-space nationalism has given way to a more cooperative awareness that they were all in this together. They learned to make common cause for as the path to their individual liberties. It was not entirely conscious, which is why it caught everyone off guard when someone who spoke their language got elected as POTUS.

Prophetic Economics 04

The Internet connects humans across the world like nothing before. At the same time, it inserts itself as an alternate reality between everyone. People haven’t changed and the communication does enable us to recognize each other as real people, but it doesn’t require us to do so. Instead, it makes it all too easy to dehumanize each other for those so inclined. But it does rip away the past dehumanizing that allowed tyrants to ignore our unique differences. The Internet is a place where everyone is ostensibly equal in power, and only those who truly absorb it’s nature can gain any advantage.

But that advantage is an extra layer, as it were. Most Internet users simply fail to notice that extra layer because it does not demand their attention. The extra layer is that collection of protocols and conventions that make the system work rather transparently. Having a good acquaintance with the underlying system is the path to power on the Internet. It reduces Social Science to a much narrower field of study for those intent on taking advantage of the situation. The options for human interaction are divided between what actually comes across the Net on the one hand, and what the average users infer — accurately or not — on the other hand. Most people bring their meat space habits into the virtual world and fill in the blanks with their imaginations. Those who push that aside and study what actually comes through the wires aren’t distracted by such things.

While the Internet forces everyone to treat each other ostensibly as equals in some ways, so that unique individual demands are appropriate, the protocols also take away any hope of privacy. Most people by instinct tend to avoid taking advantage of the lack of privacy, but there’s almost nothing at all preventing a virtual Peeping Tom from seeing everything you send across the wires. The privacy instinct does not translate well into the habit of encryption. Encryption that works is cumbersome; encryption that is automatic seldom does much good. The arms race between encryption and code-cracking offers precious little advantage to those who don’t put serious effort into hiding. In very practical terms, it’s almost not worth the effort unless you actively keep abreast of the technology. Most people don’t and won’t. The majority of users leave themselves exposed, relying on social protocols from meat space.

This plays into the hands of marketers who have embraced the technology of networking. If the Internet is a vast population of unique individuals, then advertising means tracking as many of them as possible and turning them into individual algorithms to exploit. While it is entirely dehumanizing, it also happens to work well enough that advertising technology companies are forging ahead with their own technology advances.

On the one hand, the mainstream of government has been the last part of human society to embrace all of this shift into the networked world. On the other hand, certain select agencies within governments have pretty much kept pace and gained advantages thereby. Keep in mind that large government bureaucracies are collections of competing agencies, and each is always seeking its own survival advantage. Bureaucracy dehumanizes both the insiders and their victims. The Internet was created by a government bureaucracy, and those agencies that embraced the technology have gained a long term advantage, having become almost their own governments within a broader bureaucracy.

But the advantage is slipping because more and more of the rest of the government has become aware, if for no other reason than that major figures themselves have experience with using the technology commercially. They show up first in appointed positions, whereas elected officials are the last bastion of resistance to technology. Still, the bridge is there and government figures are crossing it. There is a further bridging as government agencies tend to use contracted corporations to supplement their networking activities, so that the barrier between public government and private commerce is almost gone. While the agencies born to the Internet are striving to keep their advantages, the rest of government is catching up quickly on one major area: merging marketing technology into political manipulation.

This is not being implemented cleanly and firmly, so the result is yet another horrible boondoggle, which is nothing new with bureaucratic government. Part of the problem is that those with the most hard driving partisan agenda rests with the elected officials who seldom have any real clue how it all works. We haven’t seen too many ambitious politicians who were also tech savvy. For now, those who are most tech savvy have avoided the spotlight, which means avoiding the kind of exposure that comes with getting elected. That is likely to change when the current Old Guard dies off.

The virtual certainty of major upheaval will accelerate the process, though. What we see coming toward us is nothing less than the end of one civilization as another rises. This change won’t offer a clear line of departure, and it’s already in progress. However, the radical degree of change will come in relatively short time simply because the kind of mass human perceptual shift that causes such a thing is now facilitated by global instantaneous communications. That has never existed until the past few years; it’s a totally new factor in human existence on the planet.

For once, the end of a civilization will not be the direct result of war. Instead, it will spawn conflicts all over the world, but they will be more a symptom than a cause of this civilizational shift. This is part of why the economy will not simply halt and require starting from scratch. The global economic exchange of goods and services has been under way for quite some time, despite national borders, and has been routing around the global credit system already.

The primary failure of the globalist agenda is that it grew out of older technology and refused to adapt to the new. The Internet is global and borderless, but globalism as a political agenda blindly chugs along on its dead end track that assumes the necessity of physical force to unite humanity under an oppressive smother-mother government. All that love, peace and flowers is a facade. And globalism has maintained a stranglehold on leftist politics and the Democratic Party in the US. This is why we should look for that whole Progressive thing to break down before our eyes. Maybe not right away, and it’s just possible someone or some small group can rescue it in the final hours, but this seems increasingly improbable. The wound is fatal.

What’s left is some select elements of the Progressive identity that have already been adopted by the first networked generation. The classical “left” is done.

Prophetic Economics 03

We can already see the bleeding of profits from major entertainment and broadcast corporations. Part of that is simply the turnover in technology, and how the new is embraced by the newer generations of consumers. Print is nearly dead, TV is dying (cable in particular), and Hollywood is barely hanging on. They aren’t going away, but are simply not that profitable any more. Meanwhile, the technology to provide entertainment on-demand to individuals is all the rage. Further, we see that decentralized production of the content is taking a strong hold, and the old centralized dinosaurs are stumbling. We are already in the age of the Indie entertainer.

You would naturally expect the political left to seek their previous advantage by infiltrating this new Internet driven entertainment. To some degree it has worked, most notably in the larger technology companies. However, it’s not hard to see that, in America at least, advertising revenues in that sector of the economy are declining because they are too much a part of the old broadcast technology. Have you noticed that Facebook has already taken membership losses in the US? So far, a few giants have proven nimble in finding ways to stay relevant and profitable in the market. However, many are at risk and a few are already gone and forgotten.

On the one hand, it seems that there is no way to assert the left-leaning message without alienating users. It’s way too easy for some disgruntled executive or entrepreneur to fire up a competing service that simply doesn’t respond to leftist pressure. This siphons off a major portion of the most active users from the older, bigger services. While this may make the remaining community of left-leaning users happy, how can the political leadership keep up the leftward pressure on the rest of society if their targets move off the services they control?

This is something that politicians still don’t get: The Internet is not like meat space. Even Biblical Law is not the same for the Internet. Man remains a fallen creature, but virtual space has its own different reality, and the basic assumptions behind Biblical Law forcefully manifest themselves because Western social mythology fails on the Net. It is not possible to overwhelm the public discussion on the Net as with public broadcast in meat space. And people on the Net manifest their tribal and nationalist wiring more forcefully than ever.

So not only is the political left running out of financial support, but their whole game of influence is undermined by the way social discourse now takes place in virtual space. But marketing is where it showed up first, and that has radically changed. The Internet thrives on offering a million minor tweaks in the product simply because it is now possible. Consumers have always wanted it, but could never so much as request it in a mass-produced world. The Internet gives everyone an equal voice in stating their desires. It showed up first in entertainment content, making Indie artists possible — writing (including news and commentary), film and visual arts, as well as music and gaming. Any homeless waif who gets his hands on a decent used laptop can find the software and work out how to offer fairly advanced content for an untapped niche market. Technology has also increasingly democratized and commoditized production in ways that make catering to every imaginable taste in physical objects possible. That business of 3D printing is just getting started. (I’ve been trying to do that with religion, as well.)

This is a case where technology, and then economics, leads the cultural shift. We have just begun seeing how this will affect politics. The tolerance for business-as-usual is long gone. Give the Networked Generation a little more time and they will come up with their own radically new ways of doing government. Despite the many desperate efforts to tap into social media for the old political stuff, the vast majority of those now having grown up on the Internet are scarcely paying attention any more. The new political rally is the come-n-go affair on forums and chat services. I am convinced that we are on the verge of explosive changes in how this plays out in meat space.

Every part of the old order is on the chopping block.

Prophetic Economics 02

The impending failure of the credit system will hit without warning. That is, the folks who are in control of this are doing their best to protect their own assets. They won’t shed a tear for you and I. What complicates matters is that there is a good bit of competition among plutocrats; no one party controls the whole thing. But a significant portion of them are forced to work together on something like this or they all go down together. It’s possible a maverick will attempt to beat the system, but it strikes me as unlikely. The system has too many ways to track these things.

Instead, about the only way this can be deflected in any measure at all is if someone leaks it before the system moves to seize assets and close the trade window. I know that this sounds like a “bank holiday” when the banks close to prevent anyone taking out their money while the banks strip it all away and declare themselves insolvent. From where we sit, it will be about the same kind of thing, since what happens up there in the higher levels could well result in consumer banks — the ones most of us use — shutting down, as well. It will be a surprise and I doubt any human can estimate reliably the moment when the plutocrat bankers and financiers will feel like it’s time. It’s possible outside events could precipitate a major disruption in their system and force their hands.

There’s nothing any of us can do except embrace it when it comes instead of panicking. Countless “little people” will get hurt. If you can see it coming, you have time to prepare. For those of us focused on clinging to Biblical Law, things will be about as good as it gets. But there are some issues that won’t be obvious — not so much for us as for the world around us.

Has it ever occurred to you that a certain segment of the American market is largely unproductive in the first place? Granted, when people are in a good mood about their personal wealth, they are more willing to spend money on non-essentials, but make them nervous and they start squeezing that wallet. One of the most vulnerable markets is entertainment. That sweeps in a lot of territory in the US economy: movies, TV, music, sports, and tourism are commonly accepted categories. Something I’ll mention in passing is that most churches operate like entertainment with a charity function.

What kind of socio-political orientation dominates entertainment? Yep, it’s the left. The reasons are complex, and you shouldn’t try to dismiss it with simplistic slogans. But part of the reason is that those who use the left as their political base have been able to capture the entertainment industry to a great degree. Notice what I’m saying here: The folks who run the politically left organizations are not actually leftists most of the time. (It’s the same on the right.) But part of the reason they have pushed their way into the entertainment field is that they are generally outnumbered on the ground. By controlling the noise coming from TV, radio, newspapers, etc., they are able to steer political money their way.

Keep in mind that most people are conditioned to lean left on a collection of issues even when they have right-wing instincts. This is the effect of controlling the social debate via entertainment; there is no right-wing TV, for example (Fox is not what it seems). Certain answers are excluded so that the arguments are limited to a narrow range of center-left to moderate-socialist. And what is acceptable within that range drifts slowly as time goes on. This does have a distinct affect on the economy. It creates a powerful leftist drag on what folks perceive is socially acceptable in market choices and pricing. It’s pervasive and crops up all over the place.

In particular, it favors centralization, and justifies certain monopolies regardless of actual economic efficiency. That’s because a primary element in that leftward drag is to make centralized controls seem good, right and normal. It makes us desire and expect federal controls over whether something should be allowed on the market, and what constitutes acceptable quality. All a prospective monopolist needs is to purchase the political favor of certain “left” politicians and the public message will be tweaked so that consumers build up a preference for whatever the monopolist is selling. Whole industries exist today for that very reason. Should competitors arise, they’ll either have to raise the ante (buy their own access) or be driven out of the market by various means, including quite frankly violence in some cases.

When the central credit systems starts to stumble, this leftist control of public awareness will collapse. Their whole operation rests on centralized credit and market controls. Whole sections of the current consumer marketplace depends entirely on the availability of large credit operations. Centralizing is pervasive; it’s the norm. And when those big players collapse and close up their businesses, a great deal of money that supports the political left goes away at the same time. That thin veneer of leftist social drag will blow away, and people are going to start operating more like conservatives, never mind what they say. That’s because, here in the US at least, the vast majority of the people are instinctively right-wing. It doesn’t matter what they believe their political persuasion is; when money gets tight, everyone acts like a conservative. Suddenly, entertainment won’t be very important to very many people.

So what kind of political policy is actually behind the socio-political left on the streets? It’s globalism. At it’s core, this is the “we are all one human family” thing that justifies a one-world government. That’s directly contrary to Biblical Law. Never mind all the crazy End Times prophetic nonsense popular with the American Christian Right, globalism is flatly contrary to the reality. In particular, it is contrary to our wiring as humans. It always fails on its own because it never works. That’s the warning inherent in the story about the Tower of Babel; God has wired us to disperse and live in tribal differentiation.

Further, when an economy starts getting sick, globalism is the first thing to die. It’s a very expensive luxury. God is crushing the American political left, first by cutting off the funding for globalists. As the global credit system starts getting more shaky, the globalists are going to suffer first. Keep your eye on that.

Vision Refresh

This is just an update for the sake of accountability.

Would you believe the spam I get on this blog? Every day I see at least a half-dozen spam comments on various posts, and easily a dozen spammy messages on the “Private Contact” form. Right now, the latter is mostly a bunch of Asian characters that I can’t read plus a few English phrases indicating attempts to market cracked software from Microsoft. Yeah, it’s a hassle to run this site, but it’s what God has called me to do.

So I’m going about this process of studying how to provide my own services and even buying some of the necessary equipment with your generous donations. This is DIY web services for a reason. At first I had to wonder why I felt so provoked to go this way. My instinct was to ponder if it was necessary to spend a lot of effort in high security preparations, but that doesn’t seem to be so important. I believe in prayer and how it changes us and helps us shed false impressions infesting our minds and imaginations. The longer I pray and contemplate what’s going on, the more it seems the real issue is not to worry about attacks, but to insure availability.

I’m utterly certain God’s wrath on America is merely the localized manifestation of His general wrath on the West. To the degree America dominates whatever it means to be “Western” we shall see America get a bigger share of that wrath, but it is sure to spill over into other places. That spillover includes virtual places. I really believe that many of the current services that we treat like public accommodation will go away or simply become less accessible. The funding model behind most of it is dissolving before our eyes. These are effects, not so much God’s purpose and plan. To the degree any of that stuff rests on making a profit, it will tend to disappear because profit will be hard to obtain. Only what people do for other reasons will stay around. This is why I trust Open Source software: It tends to arise from a non-profit drive to excel for its own sake. I’m seriously working to move away from reliance on commercially produced software.

Obviously I’m not trying to make a profit myself. I do this because something inside drives me and I can’t be silent or still. So it comes to my conscious mind that if I plan to keep doing this, I have to be ready to do more of it myself. In order to serve God, I have to know more about Internet services and the gritty details of running those services. I’m all too willing to share what I know and encourage you to be ready to learn as much as you need to provide your own ministry. I would talk about things like having sufficient hardware with the capabilities for running some of the services you require to minister, and stop relying on the Cloud to cover it. Even in Windows you can learn to run a server, or simply gather the software tools and learn how to use them so that you can pass the content to some other device somewhere.

If you sense even the slightest drawing to do something, I would urge you to research the new line of more powerful home routers. You’d be amazed at the stuff they’ll do, and you’d be surprised at how much your ISP will let you get away with. For example, most of them tolerate a private FTP server like mine because it’s not enough traffic to worry about. It’s so common these days they have a hard time telling you “no.” Properly secured against hijacking and abuse, a powerful home router can make your Internet presence much easier to maintain. If you need to do this stuff, learn how it works and do it well.

My point is this: We are coming into a time of tribulation when one of the few hopes for keeping your sanity is a driving sense of purpose. If you can keep your eyes on those things God demands of you personally, you can weather a lot of really tough conditions. I’m not doing this stuff because it’s a fun hobby; that might have been the case some years ago, but now I have a hard and clear focus on the imperative of divine glory. I’m not an activist fighting much of a human threat, either in the flesh or virtually. My focus is less about defending from attacks and more about making sure I provide with my own hands what is suitable for my calling. We all lean on each other, but right now there’s no one else in a position to do that work for me. I’m okay with that; this is something I tend to do well enough on my own, as it were. As things get tighter economically, I’ll have to gear up and do even more. A great many tasks in our Kingdom service will turn out to be more DIY than now seems necessary.

Part of that understanding is an awareness of the level of deception from the world about what’s going on. Some things are far worse than we are told, while there’s plenty of false alarm to distract. We’ve been talking about that already, so I don’t need to say much right now. It’s already past time, but you can start now reassessing what your calling demands and what you may need to provide in-house as we face a challenging future.

So right now I’m working on gathering content that supports my teaching. This is a mission of building the library and keeping it available. Maybe it’s a little superfluous right now, but I feel certain some of it will disappear suddenly. At the same time I’m updating and reformatting my own content to ensure it’s in the most digestible package I can offer. I’m trusting God for a lot of things I can’t do, but whatever I can do is now my sacred mission.

Right now the focus is content and availability.

Moral Economics

I rather like the boating metaphor in explaining economics. Your economic existence is rather like traveling on water. What do you have to have with you to do what you do? More stuff means a bigger boat. Your investments and borrowings are part of your cargo; some are fixed to the boat and some are easily moved. Either way, you have to keep that sucker afloat. Your cash flow is how much buoyancy you have to float it. The water level reflects how much liquidity exists in the economic system. It works the same for individuals and for any aggregate, like a business, that shares an economic reality. Get the picture?

Gross economic debt freezes liquidity; it lowers the liquid water level. The debts others hold most certainly affect you, just like shipping and navigation in an icy area. In global economic terms, we are passing through an ice age. Most available economic resources are frozen. There’s not much left so you need a shallow draft and good buoyancy. Your actions in economic terms would mean a preference for paying off debt and liquidating fixtures you don’t use. If at all possible, detach your primary economic activity from bigger ships, because you will grind to a halt when they do.

There are limits to the metaphor, but it’s pretty good at helping you focus on real-world results of your decisions made for non-economic reasons. In other words, don’t get trapped into thinking economic logic is the whole story, but be aware of the economic implications of your choices. Here’s one dirty secret: Things are all iced up because we have all bought into a common global system already without knowing it, and conceptual debt in one country tends to be honored in another. Any country that plays too independently will be isolated and caged like a predator. Much of what you are told is political is actually mere economic dispute. The global banking lords would rather you didn’t think about that.

I’m guessing when I suggest this economic ice age will eventually pass without destroying everything. It’s based on a couple of factors. One: I’m utterly convinced the Internet (in one form or another) will continue to exist into the foreseeable future. It’s the one thing that hardest to freeze in part because the most expensive part of it is controlled by folks who are likely to keep it alive at all other costs. If the whole thing became government property it would be a different story, but the nature of this thing means the backbone remains in private hands, and those hands would rather die than let it fall apart. The banking lords can’t afford to change it’s fundamental design and can’t afford to let it fail.

Two: Global mass shipping has almost stopped already, but there remains a very high traffic in small shipments and individual packages. Most economic chatter on the Net tends to ignore that factor. Everywhere you look this business continues, but I’ve yet to see any comprehensive analysis that takes it into account. In that sense it shares a lot with the black market; it’s hard to get accurate statistics on something that isn’t organized through any single choke-points. All the attention is on the big stuff that’s easy to track, but commerce isn’t dead just because nobody is chartering gigantic loads.

So, back to that metaphor, the current market reality is that whatever growth is possible will come in the area of smaller boats that turn and meet the tide more nimbly. The day of industrial giants is gone, unless they can learn to disperse operations over a number of smaller and responsive units. To the degree possible, find your market niche and work it hard. If you manage a big operation, be ready to ditch the old management philosophy.

I say this not because I’m some kind of genius management guru, but because I know how God operates in this world. He is forcing the world to return to His moral principles woven into reality itself. The capitalist-socialist paradigm was a big lie all along, but it was kept moving by sheer momentum and mass hypnosis. But Creation itself as cosmic moral principle has brought it to halt. The gollum was dead all along. What we see in terms of a global reset is not economic entropy, but God’s own nature at work prospering things as they come closer to His revealed moral character. The moral fabric of reality has the final say.

If you spend some time learning His Law Covenants, you can see through those details to His heart and you can begin to please Him by cooperating and conforming to Creation’s design. Pray and discern how that character should manifest in your context. Keep His Presence alive in your responsive obedience, always adjusting and trimming things to meet the moment. Take ownership of things He places in your hands and let Him control everything else.