A Divine Mandate

I have a divine mandate, a calling from God. We all have one, so I’m not that special. However, my calling is pastoral in the sense of shepherding the people of God. Unlike most pastoral people, I don’t decide who shall be in my flock; it’s the flock that decides. In that sense, it is God who decides and leads people to give some regard to my pastoral leadership.

In this virtual setting, most of my leadership is exerted through persuasive writing. I’m trying to keep an eye on ways I can help God’s people get out of Satan’s domain. There is no image here of perfect escape, but of selective escape for certain issues that I have been granted to understand. On another level, it is a calling to understand something of the nature of Satan’s dominion so that people can discern for themselves how to look for ways to be free. Thus, I tend to offer my specific ideas as examples of how to approach the whole question.

One of those issues is the broad cultural trap in which we live. The best ally Satan has in keeping you under his thumb is the social mythology of our Western world.

We know that humans are inherently vulnerable to certain threats. That’s why there is such a thing as bulletproof vests, for example. They are expensive and their effectiveness is limited, while the act of wearing one is burdensome in itself. But if you spend very much time exposed to people inclined to fire bullets at you, it’s worth the expense and trouble.

We are also vulnerable in other ways. That includes a great deal of psychological vulnerability. The human mind remains open to some kinds of threat simply because that’s how we are wired. In order for us to live here in this environment, we have to take certain mental shortcuts. But those shortcuts can be exploited by other people to manipulate us into doing things we shouldn’t. Naturally you would expect the predators to lie and play down that weakness, saying it’s all a bunch of hoopla and scare-mongering. They have allies who dismiss the threats by saying you should simply ignore the manipulation, as if there is no cultural atmosphere that disarms us and makes it too painful to argue about it.

Precious few are born with the will and presence of mind to fight the system. And most of those are intentionally pressured and harassed until they stop exercising that will to resist. Our world makes it terribly expensive, even deadly, to take your own path. Distrust of the system will get you killed, or at least badly hurt. The system itself is predatory and demands that you keep yourself vulnerable.

I am my brother’s keeper; there are lots of sheep who aren’t wired to fight, so someone has to fight for them. I’m not a Darwinian about such things; I care. So it’s natural for some like me with a pastoral bent to make a lot of noise about things you need to consider changing. If I warn you about something the system seeks to do to us to deceive and manipulate, you can blow it off if you like; it’s really your choice. But if God starts knocking on the door of you conscience about this, then get with Him and work it out. If you start making noise about how people should naturally handle such things on their own, then you’ll be classed as an ally of Satan. Resistance has been beat out of them, so it’s my job work at healing the wounds and to provoke it back to life. Don’t be a calloused ass.

Advertising is inherently evil, folks. It’s one thing to let people know what you offer, but you’ll almost never see that in advertising; it’s so rare now you can’t call it “advertising.” Advertising is inherently manipulative, striving to prey on human weaknesses, both native and culturally derived vulnerabilities. By no means would I expect to change the system, particularly on the Internet. We are awash in advertising. What I am suggesting is that you as an individual consider the problem and decide whether God is calling you to act on this problem. I’ll offer ways to bulletproof your mind, both in restructuring the mind’s operations and in in blocking predatory input. There is no moral obligation to consume advertising, so fight it tooth and nail. That’s what Jesus did in resisting Satan in the Wilderness Temptations.

I’m not worried about some tiny slice of Internet users blocking advertising, as if this will bring the whole system down. The vast majority of folks won’t do anything about it. What I am worried about is the very real effort on the part of some to take that choice away from you. Those people are so evil they deserve vilification. These are people who want to hurt you. Given the right opportunity, I would consider taking more assertive action to stop them and removing the threat altogether. However, such opportunities are wholly unlikely, so I’ll stick with making noise about taking control of how you use the Internet. I’ll agitate for a few folks — that tiny slice of humanity who feel drawn to my message — to take more assertive action with how they use their computers.

That’s what God has called me to do.

Utopian Madness

We saw it coming.

Just to remind you, several of you agreed with me that we could all sense a shift in reality, that God changed His plans for us. Because there were a number of us who rediscovered the heart-led life, and because we made it a conscious teaching, it opened the door for options He had previously kept back. Among other things, those options include a collection of blessings, miracles, signs and wonders in a way not seen on the earth in a very long time. This was all His initiative; we receive the blessings because we took Him up on His offer. He was looking for someone — anyone — who would seize this fabulous heritage of faith, and there is far more for each of us than we could ever understand.

From the Exodus we learn how God can distinguish His own from the rest of humanity, because we have the Blood of the Lamb on our coming and going. The image of that sacrificial blood daubed on the door-posts hearkens to embracing His mercy on our sins. The death from rejecting His ways will not invade our lives. He has broken the Curse that blinds us to His ways and His blessings. It releases a flood of power in our lives, protecting us from the zombie existence that consumes those who reject God’s ways.

Part of the signs and wonders of His covenant promise is the polarity that makes things obvious, in order to show His glory. The polarity is that some of us can discern this vast shift in the moral sphere and have some idea what to expect, whereas the rest of humanity runs smack face-first into this shift in reality. Not so we can laugh, but it is so we can see the high cost of sin. It’s so we can see His hand of wrath and bear testimony to what we see. And while it always comes with a deniability factor for those who are morally blind, we cling to the truth revealed in our hearts. We refuse to limit ourselves to a viewpoint that ignores the moral sphere. We choose what others call “delusion” in order to come face to face with the Lamb of God.

So now we see the inevitable madness that comes with that shift in reality. Now that it is possible for people to learn and understand heart-led living, it is also mandatory for living here on this earth. For some time in human history, the heart-led way was lost to broad human awareness. A system arose that excluded it; that time is ended. Whatever system God permitted during that time is no longer applicable. A more fundamental element of Noah’s Covenant is again available, ransomed from Satan on some grounds we cannot comprehend, but it’s out there and it applies. Without the heart-mind consciousness, without a sense of walking in your convictions, the world will seem to have become warped and unreliable versus previously seeming reliable in some ways.

Because we are a virtual parish, a big part of what we can teach and do is here on the Internet. If you’ve been paying attention, you probably have seen all kinds of bogus claims. I’m not talking about people who have always been out there on the fringe; I’m referring to the mainstream starting to spew the craziest nonsense. It’s not just mere propaganda meant to mislead, but the wildest airy-fairy perversions that these people actually believe. They come up with the most improbable explanations for things they cannot account for under normal mainstream expectations. It’s no longer just the usual partisan bickering any more, though it still includes that. It’s not just the obvious moral degradations. The Net is dominated by mentally unhinged wacko proposals for explaining what’s happening.

It helps if you are conscious of your own social biases. We all have them. I tend to be libertarian, perhaps in some ways almost theoretically anarchist, only because I know that current political systems are so horribly wrong. And nobody proposes what God requires under Noah. Some of you, given what you have on your blogs, are quite progressive, perhaps even socialist or communist, though I hope you don’t buy into the materialist assumptions behind a lot of that. Being lefty doesn’t make you my enemy; I’m against some of the same wrongs. There’s room for all of us in this parish, because God calls people with varying missions that make us naturally favor organizing things in ways that seem to resemble one or another political theory. My point is that we dare not take ourselves too seriously. We must be able to recognize who we are and never assume our way is the one right way of God.

What’s left is to recognize what God is up to, and most assuredly we need to see what He is allowing to happen for reasons we could never comprehend. Our Lord is allowing the political globalists to be crushed. He is allowing a right-wing backlash in a lot of countries. It’s going to look and feel racist to some of you, but don’t get the idea that it has to be stopped on those grounds. God has ordered Satan to execute a lot of punishment, to loose the hounds of recompense for sin. Surely we who walk by the heart know that a lot of noise about “racism” misses the point, that the only real solution is one-on-one. You cannot simply wish away the Curse of the Fall. You also cannot dream up your own solutions to human problems.

The only solution to the madness is embracing the heart-led existence. This is our message to the crazy world around us. This is how we discern the pitiful attempts to explain reality gone wrong. It’s wrong because people keep proposing all kinds of answers when they don’t even understand the problems. Utopian myths never die until they are killed by wisdom of the heart.

And we can see clearly that it’s only going to get worse.

Give It a Rest

Today is a good time for us to pray. As I was out on a long ride, I was generally praying out loud the whole time.

I have no quarrel with anyone, and I welcome all who can humor my blather as they seek to absorb a little of the good stuff that I might have to offer. However, that doesn’t mean everyone will be so friendly with me. I’m okay with a little carping now and then; I’ve written too often that we can’t possibly agree on everything. Most normal evangelicals aren’t interested in harassing me, much less folks representing other religions. I’m still your pastor when you need me. In the future, the greatest threat to this ministry will come from those who serve the Cult. More specifically, my heart still expects some defenders of Zionism to come after us eventually. They are getting more aggressive with their cyber-activism. Having this networking stuff hardened and ready for the electronic assault is simply the minimum responsible thing to do.

Things are okay for now. While I won’t go out of my way to provoke them, I doubt they will ignore me forever. They’ve got something ugly up their collective sleeves and the Mossad technically owns an awful lot of Internet security software companies. This should be interesting.

So let’s pray and each of you decide for yourself what God requires of you.

Virtual Catacombs

Step inside my madness for a moment; I’ll leave the door unlocked so you can escape when it gets too much for you.

Review: The Cult is not so much a physical presence, but an avatar, a mental image of a perverse moral presence. We know them not by their physical presence but by the fruits of their labor. My description of The Cult is an abstract of consistent behavior, of how they have operated so far in human history. In broad terms, their aim is to prevent souls escaping the domain and servitude of Satan. Try not to oversimplify how they go about this. By the same token, don’t buy the wild speculations offered to confuse everyone about things.

I’ve mentioned in other places how the scandalous document — The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion — is at least partly true if we read it as a description of the plans of The Cult back around the time that booklet was published. There is plenty of exaggeration and broad satire in the document, but a kernel of truth peeks out at us from behind the curtains. However, the plans and expectations were not carved in stone. Some of the ideas didn’t pan out. Still, the general tenor of the basic plan from so long ago is our current reality today.

The Cult favors no identifiable human element outside the boundaries of itself. I’ve noted The Cult has has a vast army of servants, and some quite highly placed in the scheme of things. But most of those names and faces that we would recognize as powerful public and not-so-public figures are not actually part of The Cult. They are guided and used; sometimes they retire well and sometimes they are tossed aside as a reminder to others that none of them are indispensable. I’ve warned that some major projects hold the same status. I sense that the modern State of Israel is one such dispensable project; it’s value is merely contextual. The Cult will eventually let it go because it is neither the objective nor a necessity for the objective. It’s been a very effective tool in deceiving humanity regarding their objectives.

I get the sense that a major turnover is at hand, that we are about to see a great many other projects and people thrown under the bus very soon. Some of the old team will go down with the scuttled ships they crewed. A new crop of servants will replace them and herd us on board other vessels. Some of the old goals and plans are obsolete, as well. But the broad moral deception and control are still there. The only reason the new rising figures survive and are not marginalized or smothered is because The Cult sponsors them as the means to keeping the deception going and the power in their hands.

The biggest challenge for the cult remains the Internet. They are learning to use it, but they cannot change its nature. On the one hand, it is no longer possible to rule without it. On the other hand, it is absolutely essential that they insert a layer of abstraction between common folk and the Internet itself. Since there is no way to actually assert any useful controls at this point on the Net, there must be a way to control the people via their access to it. Currently the primary focus is through massive changes in the operating systems of commodity devices. Not so long ago began a very intensive effort to steer people’s browsing behavior into acceptable channels. Making a certain class of services socially essential was part of this plan, even as the services were incrementally modified to insinuate various forms of control. Look for these same services to become required for certain government services and each other. Look for the services to become interlocking in new ways.

Most of this is easily defeated if you posses some measure of technical expertise. The Cult has also been trying to squeeze the computer technology middle ground, like an obnoxious child who insists on squeezing the toothpaste in the middle. The underlying trend is making the technology more demanding so that users either give up trying or invest a far greater share of available resources just to stay even. The price of expertise is rising while the price of devices and access is dropping. This takes place against a background of general decline in the quality of education so that real life-long learning becomes decreasingly likely. The Internet services and information sources are being dumbed-down to enforce this trend.

As I consider the calling on my life, I find I cannot avoid the task of embracing the greater expertise. If just a few of us who are driven by moral purpose and heart-led awareness can seize some cyber hideout, we can offer refuge, an antidote to some of this moral poison. This vision keeps morphing as I walk farther along the path. There are other areas of expertise than what calls my name. I need brothers and sisters who will find themselves in those other fields of glory to stand with me, at least in the sense of using this virtual parish as the place to offer your particular antidotes to the moral poison of The Cult. This is behind my hopes for a virtual library. I’m hoping to create a catalog that we can share so that visitors need only click on a link to call the file from this FTP server; there are technical reasons that I can’t put a webpage on the FTP server itself. So if you contribute to the library, I need from you some kind of explanation of the item’s value. It’s not the idea that I would examine every item in detail (though I will probably scan for malware and viruses) but that we would work together to build a free information community.

Naturally I’ll have to put passwords on this thing for now. It’s not about secrecy but keeping control. That means you would need to build an element of trust with me in order to gain access. I’m still working through where to draw the boundaries so we can stay below the radar. We have to weigh the risks and sense where God says He’ll cover it with His mercy. We have to discern the boundaries of His covering.

I’m working as fast as I can on this stuff, so pray with me.

Vision for a Virtual Parish

Some are just passing through.

We aren’t seeking higher numbers of those who hang around just so we can feel big and important. Instead, we want more people to experience this faith so they can take it on to wherever and whatever God calls them. Only a few of you will feel the need to hang around stay connected; that’s the way it’s supposed to work.

I feel like Peleg (Genesis 10:25; 1 Chronicles 1:19) in whose lifetime the earth went through major tectonic shifts. Every step I take puts me in a place I’ve never seen or expected. If I try to step back, what was behind me is already gone. My heart demands I keep moving forward. I know the direction but not the landmarks.

This whole thing started with a conversation about private communication protocols, passed through the idea of getting a home server, and ended up with a wholly different mission path. This is not at all what I expected I’d be doing. This is not at all what I anticipated or what I had dreamed for years, and yet I am hardly disappointed. I’m struggling with the means and methods for an unexpected kind of mission. The one thing I know for sure is that God is preparing this virtual parish for whatever it is He does next in this world. One way or another, I am seeking to answer the missionary call, but it’s for a world not yet fully born.

God is most certainly steering events in the work I’ve done lately. My human inclinations lie shattered on the ground, forgotten as things moved too fast for me to mourn any loss. For example, I know where that business of using CentOS went: That’s the OS running on our webhost service for soulkiln.org; it’s what is behind the new blog and the static website I’m still developing.

I’m going back and reformatting some of my books into HTML documents. The ebooks are still at Smashwords where they appeal to that audience, but I want a way to reference that material directly from the new blog running on the same server. Turning them into webpages is a much smaller format so as not to crowd the limited space on our account with the webhost. It’s a bit of work because the only way to do it right is by hand, starting with plain text and adding just enough HTML markup to make it display in a browser. I’m also going to host here at home an electronic library, a larger private collection of files to share with parish members. So far it’s already a very eclectic pile of things I’ve found to have some value to my faith. Hopefully some of you will be able to add to this virtual library and fill the shelves. Meanwhile, I’m keeping most of the technology chatter and hobby stuff on the old blog.

At least, that’s the current plan.

While I can feel the big push driving me forward, my eyes can’t quite make out what’s down the road ahead of me. I knew a long time ago that the old way of “doing church” was not God’s plan for me, neither in teaching nor in physical form and structure. In place of that is only the vaguest idea. It reminds me of all those scenes in places like New York buried under so much snow you aren’t sure what’s under the humps. I’ve never been here before; is that a big bush or a car? It’s still winter and I’m out here enjoying the sparkly newness of it all, feeling my way around. I’m wondering how all these changes are going to make that much difference in helping people find their own faith.

Somehow the demands of life in our changing world will drive a portion of folks out of their comfort zones, and some of them will pass through what we do here. The nature of this virtual parish is that it’s just dandy for you to pop in and then disappear again. Some of you are bound to feel called to hang around for awhile, at least. Take what you need because we have lots more where that came from; it’s falling upon us from Heaven. God provides in abundance and we are struggling to give it away. And it’s for sure that some of you will carry it places no one else can go.

Don’t think I’m not enjoying myself playing with all this technology stuff. Part of it is hard work, and I’m compelled to engage elements of it that never really held my interest in the past. But I know I can’t move forward without it, so I’m still studying all the networking technology so I’ll know what’s there. Who can say when I’ll have to use it later? Still, some of this strikes me as really cool stuff. For a few of you who feel the same way, I’m going to offer ways you can interact with this fancy machine the parish donated to buy. We’ll keep it out of everyone else’s way, but God has plans we can’t guess. He’s going to need some soldiers prepared to fight in a totally different kind of warfare.

How can I help you?

Internet Infiltration

How we operate on the Internet follows the same fundamental moral reality that we apply to everything else: It’s all a question of boundaries and dominion. As followers of Christ, we regard our entire human existence as property of God, assets for His glory. Your device is His device; your use of it must reflect His divine character.

A fundamental expectation is that we will not permit Darkness to use our lives. That we are fallen creatures in this world where Satan holds some measure of default dominion means that we must continue in resistance in the sure knowledge that there will be some measure of performance failure. We don’t get wrapped up in the actual practical outcomes because Our Father warned that our human existence cannot be perfected in that sense. His favor is not dependent on performance, but desire. Our exercise of dominion in His name is very limited. Rolling back the powers of Darkness is His gift to us.

So the message of Christ is loaded with a sense of continual battle until the ultimate victory of leaving this dimension of existence for some other — one that is beyond our comprehension. While we remain here, our human nature will hardly remain subdued and obedient. Much less so would we expect the fallen nature of the rest of humanity to play along with moral justice. Each of us has to decide what we are called to do and work hardest at that narrow range of holy endeavor. We shine in the things He chooses for us; it’s His mercy that He doesn’t expect us to do everything. We fight the battles for which we are best armed and allow our fellow believers to help us with things they do better.

So I’m called to make much of this virtual world of the Internet, among other things. In some ways I can use my expertise to lighten your personal load of care; in other ways I work at things you don’t even understand because it’s not your calling. I can tell you that, on the one hand, we do have some allies out there in virtual space. On the other hand, there aren’t very many of them. So I do what I can to help you work with our allies insofar as they can bless us. Some of their works can help us maintain our individual moral boundaries against the Darkness on the Net.

Lots of stuff out there is for us a taste of that Darkness. Some of it is a matter of individual calling, but a lot of it is the relentless demand that we submit to someone else’s controls with an aim to defraud us of God’s glory. That’s Satan’s aim; most of his servants have no clue. For the most part, they simply don’t care about the whole question. They want what their lusts demand and they’ll do whatever it takes to get it. Their moral awareness is shaped entirely to fit their desires. Their minds will buy into whatever lies it takes to justify what they do. Thus, they regale us with messages according to their perverted sense of moral value, and they complain loudly when we exercise dominion that denies their control.

It’s possible that we might help this or that individual across the threshold into Light, but on the whole we have no expectation of changing what they do. And we still have to go out on the Net and interact with their crap in order to pursue our divine calling. For the most part, we are infiltrating into their world, and striving to pass through while shielding ourselves from their attempts to control us. Our shield of faithfulness to God’s moral character extinguishes their fiery darts of temptation.

So this is what’s behind all my blather about browser add-ons that block this or that, especially advertising. Or my advice that you use this or that browser or run this or that operating system. I’m not dictating for you what constitutes holiness, just sharing my experiences. That’s my calling. Your calling is to filter out what doesn’t apply to your Kingdom service. Together we infiltrate into the virtual space with our vessels of divine Presence.

God bless you with a sense of heart awareness to what matters for you.