Don’t Count on It

Context: I surrendered to the gospel ministry as a teenager. Then, I attended college (Oklahoma Baptist University) to study and train for it. I never made it to seminary, though I never stopped trying to study on that level on my own. I spent hundreds of dollars on books, but eventually kept only a few. The journey out of bondage to Western evangelical Christian religion was long and painful, but it began with something I heard back in college. “The Bible is an eastern book; Jesus was an eastern man. Christianity is an eastern religion.” It took awhile for that to sink in.

During that long lag time from the late 1970s in college to my final departure in 2005, I did my best to volunteer in churches on whatever basis they would tolerate me. A couple of times I was granted an official internship. Several other times I was hired as Music Director simply because no one else would do it, and I just barely could. So I was frequently working as church staff and often hanging out with the pastors in daily work and conferences and just anywhere I could. I was trying to absorb the culture and hoping someone would notice my spirit and talents and sponsor me for something more permanent. While that never happened, I did learn a lot about the culture.

It included endless whining about how the mass of church membership just barely showed up. Never more than something like 20% actually got involved enough to make things happen (by their estimates). Today there is an endless supply of books and studies and programs on how to provoke your membership to a greater degree of spirituality. As you know from reading much of anything I’ve written, it can’t happen because they confuse “spirituality” with “better thinking and acting.”

Now, I will tell you that I did learn how to grow an organization so that more people showed up and put their money in the offering plates. And I was pretty good at that part, but I always felt that I failed because the majority of the people were unchanged. They liked how I could talk and stir up their enthusiasm, but they never did much. They had too many different reasons why they just couldn’t. Eventually, I got used to it.

It was good training in one sense. That kind of disappointment as “normal” made me capable of tolerating the lack of response on these two blogs.

Brothers and Sisters, what we do here makes us total aliens to the mainstream. It’s not that we can’t find mainstream folks who can love us and deal with us; the church leadership wouldn’t let someone like me stay around very long. The honest truth is that what I teach undermines their programs, and I refuse to attend a church where I can’t teach. I will not be silent, so that means they have to marginalize me at best. I’m not going to sit there and sing and enjoy the music and chat with friends and knuckle under bad teaching.

I’ve known for at least a decade that my calling was to prepare, to make myself an arrow in the quiver. I knew that a time would come when chaos would come and then my gifts from God would be activated. The small things I’ve accomplished here were training, sharpening, proving that these things work. A few of you have responded and found this stuff useful. God bless you, because that blesses me. It keeps me on the path, but sooner or later that path will meet chaos. Indeed, my prophetic gift tells me we are all headed for the chaos of tribulation. That’s what I’ve been prepared for; that’s what it will take to break open the somnolence of souls chained to all that bad teaching. It will be my faith and shalom in the midst of chaos that will call to those who suddenly realize they need something they don’t already have.

Now, God can do anything He likes. This could turn into a huge movement of sorts that reaches millions. Let’s pray to that end, but let us also hear with our convictions what God tells us He wants us to believe. Some of you are already with me, standing in faith until He pulls us out of the quiver and launches us into the battle. Some others of you will blossom and join that work. And some of you will tell me about it and we will rejoice together in the miracles. Still, my heart right now says we shouldn’t expect much in terms of numbers. We aren’t doing a religion that is designed to draw crowds and our socio-cultural context doesn’t encourage genuine heart-led conviction.

So while some mainstream Christian leaders know how to game human behavior to attract large audiences, we aren’t in that game. What we do is inherently “inefficient” in those terms. Those pastors struggle to get their huge numbers to really get involved in religion; we will struggle to avoid attracting that kind of audience. We’ll give freely to all who ask, but we know there won’t be that many takers once they understand what it involves. We aren’t building a system that automates religion. What we do is a lot of work right from the start. That’s the only way it will work at all.

Christian Mysticism will never be a mass movement, unless it becomes fake.

They Could, But Won’t

Judah didn’t have to face exile in Babylon. Even after all their many failures, slipping into idolatry, they could have settled into their punishment at God’s hand by serving Babylon quietly. Jeremiah said as much, but the Judean leadership kept trying to play politics with Egypt, playing her off against Babylon.

By the same token, I will tell you that the Democrats in the US can still recover and win the public over to their side. But it won’t happen, for much the same reason that Judah kept rebelling against Babylon: They refuse divine wisdom.

Listen to your heart for a moment. What happens to Christians who don’t pull their conscious awareness up into their heart-minds? This has no effect on their eternal destiny, but they will completely miss out on the heritage of faith in this life. You cannot truly walk with Christ without your heart in ascendancy in your soul. On the other hand, you can walk in your heart’s wisdom without Christ. The difference is that, in the latter case, you miss out on the direct revelation of the Holy Spirit. Thus, you can still discern what’s wise according to the moral fabric of the universe, but you won’t really know God and you won’t have that prophetic edge in your planning.

On the one hand, I’ve warned repeatedly that God is brought His wrath on the USA. I’ve gone to great lengths to explain why, but the point here is that a critical element in that path of wrath is that there will be a right-wing backlash. The right-wing instincts will serve as God’s tool, just as Babylon’s conquering lust was God’s tool against Judah. Except that America is not a covenant nation, so we don’t get any of the benefits of covenant protection. So there is a sense in which America as we know it will be destroyed, displaced by something else. It won’t matter whether Americans notice; it will be so. Wise hearts will see it clearly.

But the plan includes executing the wrath of God through the mass movement led by folks with a right-wing orientation. Let’s review just a moment what that means. The American right-wing is moved by “rule of law” or playing by the rules. It’s process-oriented. The left-wing is moved by fairness in terms of outcomes. In both cases the self-conscious orientation has been provoked to a fever pitch, so that most of the activists on both sides are more truculent and harsh than would normally be the case otherwise. People aren’t normally that stupid. So the mood of the nation in terms of the current drift of what shall dominate events is a vengeful rule-of-law.

By “rule of law” we are not referring to existing legal policy, but a broader myth of what law ought to be in a libertarian-leaning Enlightenment philosophy about liberty. Thus, the current majority-in-effect in America has been rubbed raw by legal policy that has turned a tiny minority into a privileged class. There’s nothing inherently unwise about identity politics, but there is something wrong with punishing today’s majority for the sins of their forefathers. It’s this passion for retribution that is entirely foolish. This is what has brought about the current political climate, in which the right-wing is utterly and spitefully deaf to anything the left has to say.

Had the leadership of the Democrats truly intended to rule, they would not have pandered to the whiny by creating a new predatory ruling class. The current established leadership at the DNC doesn’t give a damn about justice; they are race baiting, gender pampering, and looking for any excuse to stir up a false fury and vengeance. That’s where the plunder is. Had they attacked the real root of the problems they care about, their fortunes would have been much better at this point. The issue is winning the hearts and minds of folks without stirring up hatred. It requires backing off the absolutism of those seeking to plunder the existing social order, but suggesting policies that move the majority without implacable demands for specific outcomes.

But it takes a prophetic guidance in the heart to know that the Republicans don’t have to reform right now; they are in control because they have courted this core movement that has suffered too much at the hands of outcomes-based retribution. It wasn’t the wisdom of the Republican Party leadership, but the bulldozing of someone who refuses to play by their customary procedures. In other words, the Republicans harvest the benefit of something they really didn’t want. It remains to be seen where this unsettled context leads, but that is really not critical to what God is doing in His wrath. The bulldozer in the Oval Office is just a focal point of what God is doing, not the center of action. That action is in the field distributed across the country. The true threat to the left is the sheer power and dominance of the majority-in-effect that Democrats refuse to court.

So here is the prophetic point of this: Stop thinking and acting as if the Republicans and the President matter. They are symptoms of God’s wrath, not the substance of what He is doing. If you want to know what’s going on, get your news from the social media. Get a feel for where this mass of very unhappy rigth-wingers are going; their agenda is where God has ordained His wrath. It is not where He has set His blessings. This compares favorably with the situation in Jeremiah’s day. If you can embrace the prophetic warning, you are in a position to let your heart’s wisdom make the most of a bad situation. The right-wing movement is Babylon in ascendance. The left-wing is the slimy deception from Egypt. In due time both of them will be crushed by other forces.

It dosen’t matter if folks have leftist outcomes-based morals or right-wing process-based morals; they can’t keep listening to predatory leadership if they expect to harvest God’s promised blessings. The poltical wrangling matters not; we need a heart-led awareness to do anything that does matter.

Virtual Fire

In the human soul, nothing can match the sheer joy and sense of relief that comes from having someone you can trust. Without that, we are dead people walking. It is inherent in God’s image of kinship and covenant. Our human nature is so desperate for it that we place all kinds of trust in folks we should not, including trusting ourselves too much. One of the primary reasons for the rise of AI and virtual reality is that those things appear more trustworthy than any human. This age suffers a deep poverty of loyalty; it’s the final exposure of what is the skeleton of Western Civilization.

This is a time of visitation from God Almighty. He has sent His angels to investigate the state of things in our society, as He sent them to Sodom and Gomorrah before they were destroyed. Our destruction will be no less catastrophic, but His angels also carry the message of redemption for those who can hear it. I sincerely believe the angels have found more than five souls with the mark of His favor, so our destruction will be of a different kind. But you should have no doubt that the bar has been raised; He makes a demand that our society has never known. We had better figure it out quickly, because it is the key to what type and how much destruction we face.

On the one hand, the message of heart-led consciousness as the true path of faith is the key. On the other hand, we should never imagine we are the only ones who have that truth. We aren’t the sole franchise, but we are one that has a distinct mission.

This is the new reality; to some degree we are helping God forge a new one. We are the tools and His Spirit is the fire. Our hearts know this truth: Somewhere, somehow, a critical mass of believers have come to understand the heart-led way in one sense or another, and now there is enough of us — just barely — that God can justly demand it explicitly. It’s not that He never blessed previous generations lacking that truth. They had their good things from His hand. But now His plans include this one factor that, to all appearances, has been missing for quite some time in human existence on this earth (although folks in the New Testament seem to have taken it for granted). At any rate, we need to understand that our mission hangs on this truth, and the establishment of this truth will fundamentally change more than we could possibly know.

At a minimum, you and I can see clearly at this moment that the dire need for trust among humans is frankly nigh impossible without a heart-led consciousness. We can neither offer nor seek even so much genuine loyalty as humans can share without discerning things first in the heart-mind.

All that follows for us from these days hinges on a vision of reality having shifted to a place where heart-led faith is God’s requirement for inclusion as family in His Kingdom. It’s actually a revival of an ancient requirement of the Covenant of the Cross that was long forgotten, but it’s back in play now. Indeed, even for people who don’t yet “get” the Cross, it’s a requirement just to live in some small measure of His shalom.

Perhaps I could offer this parabolic explanation: You and I cannot know at what point Our Creator and Lord decides to include someone in the full privileges of His household. We can be assured only for ourselves. A great many people are in His household as servants but not family, and a great many more are in His flocks and herds. It’s not discrete levels so much as a sliding scale, because not everyone in His family gets the same blessings. At any given moment, we all can be found standing somewhere between morally dead on one end, and the incarnation of His Son at the other end. If you get to fly up to Heaven without dying, you’re pretty close to the high end of that scale. It’s happened a few times that we know of, but short of that, stay humble and know that you’ve got some room to grow.

And the key for us today is the heart-led consciousness. I don’t care what you call it, but that’s the term we use in this virtual parish.

Which brings us to another point: The virtual world will soon take a much greater weight in human affairs. I’m quite frustrated that so many of you live so far away; I can’t sit down and gaze in your eyes or give you a hug. My little slice of human meat-space includes precious few who have the slightest inkling of heart-led living. Part of my eagerness to ride a bicycle is just getting out where Creation itself dominates against the suffocating presence of fallen nature. Nothing in my life can replace being alone on a wind-swept hilltop far from other humans. If I could just cultivate a few heart-led friends, I could stand to share that hilltop with others.

This is not a question of plowing fallow ground, but of removing vast piles of rubble first. We have so very much to overcome just to get started. But whatever it is we do, it must start with walking first in that heart-led shalom, carrying it everywhere with us, and applying the resulting sense of moral consciousness to everything we do. Your heart will make your brain smarter.

I was never half so useful at tech support as when I consciously sought the leadership of my heart-mind. I’m telling you now that learning how to build trust in virtual space is something worth studying. That’s behind a lot of my blather about the Internet and computer technology. As much as you can bear, a major field of opportunity is adept handling of virtual space; God created that, too. This is where our world is headed, and we have to understand how to reach that world.

We’ve Got Work to Do

You need not take me seriously when I insist that reality has shifted. If your heart doesn’t verify it, don’t worry about it. You have to walk your own path. However, I need to explain where my head is so you can gauge your filters accordingly.

I’ve been contemplating this for some weeks now; for me, the shift in reality became noticeable after the collision back in April. I now believe that the huge spiritual moment for me back on the bridge over Crooked Oak Creek, just before the collision, was a moment to confirm that I was ready for whatever God wanted to do.

Some of you have been hanging around this blog long enough to remember that I had proposed a big change in our ministry last fall. For once, I requested donations directly. I wanted to host more of my ministry here at home. I got enough money to buy a respectable machine. That was before the bike wreck and the shattered knee cap. I’m still using that machine because it’s very powerful and runs demanding software quite easily. It’s not wasted, but I still use my laptop for most writing like this because the posture is much more comfortable for long periods. I can sit in my recliner and stay focused. This has become increasingly important.

Much of what I was anticipating in my heart shifted along with reality after the wreck. God is a real Person; He’s not some collection of logical principles that you can nail down with theology. His nature is complex and ineffable. It’s not like He never changes His mind. Further, He stands ready to handle each of us according to our personal moral development. When we cross certain invisible thresholds, He changes what He will do with us. Drawing closer to Him in desire and commitment changes what we see coming from His hand. And sometimes, just like any other person, He decides that a new opportunity for showing His glory has opened up and He can move things along another track.

This reality in which we live is fungible. It’s more than just a matter of “perception = reality.” I’m convinced that God has shifted things around both past and present. And it’s totally up to His whims whether everything is changed to match. It could well be that God in His divine wisdom didn’t change every single trace, so that archaeologists keep finding stuff that actually doesn’t mean anything at all. Does God play head games with humans like that? You betcha, because our heads are untrustworthy in the first place. He runs this reality according to His own moral character, and you cannot understand it with your head. If you learn how to reason from the heart, you realize none of this is scandalous. It’s just His way of demanding that we shift back into the heart-mind. Nothing can require Him to make reality rational, and I’m utterly certain reality is not supposed to be rational.

Feel free to blame me if you think I was misleading you about all those plans for how this ministry would explode. In the context of that moment, I was utterly certain of it. I wasn’t wrong when I suggested that was where things were headed; it’s just not heading that way any more. We were approaching apocalypse, but God changed His mind. I cannot shake the feeling that the change is actually toward something more glorious, and that it rests at least in part on my willingness to invest the much greater effort. Not so much more work, but more dangerous work. And some of you are sensing that shift in reality with me because you have also accepted the mission. So because I was morally ready to face the huge injury and the year-long recovery process, and you were ready for whatever extra demands God might make on you, we are on a new path. We are blessed to see and grasp the nature of this shift and not go insane the way a lot of other folks are going.

Granted, it took awhile for me to gain an awareness of it. There was the huge distraction with my broken body, and another distraction with my heart acting crazy (and no more caffeine!), plus a lot of preparatory thinking, but I eventually caught onto it. For several weeks, I was consumed with just getting to ride again and take lots of pictures, but now there’s a whole new range of stuff dawning on me.

For example, we will still tribulate. However, God has allowed things to take a different course and the tribulation will take a different shape. I no longer see a massive economic crash coming. Banking crash, yes, but I sense God has plans to keep things working so that we can ride out the shock of that. It’s not just here in the US, but a lot of people are now in place with a mind to keep things working despite a general failure of the credit banking system. There will also be some social shocks that vary widely in different places.

I now honestly have hope that America will withdraw from the empire building. That in itself will be a sea change here in the US; perhaps you can estimate how it will affect other countries where some of you live. We are unlikely to see the police state pull back any time soon. On the contrary, it’ll probably get worse in some ways. I believe the right-wing backlash will face less resistance, which will change the character of what drives it, and the character of the results.

And if it turns out I’m totally wrong, it’s about time I learned what kind of fool I am so maybe I can recover and do something else. I’m ready to face that prospect, as well. Right now, my faith has been consistent for weeks regarding how the election will turn out. As previously noted, it’s not because I like any of the candidates (five have made the news); the issue is what kind of tribulation we are facing with each one. I’m preparing myself to handle the brand of sorrow we get with one particular candidate. If that fails, all my expectations are wrong and I’ve been misleading everyone else. But my heart can do no other.

Instead of piling up canned goods and hand tools, I’m investing in cyber defenses. I still believe we’ll see some crap from the Zionists, but I can’t guess what it will be. We will see plenty of ugliness and warfare, but nothing like where we were headed before. Indeed, I’m convinced that computer networking stuff will be the main battle line, though not the only one. The stage was set when the US finally let go of controlling the Internet naming system. This opens the door to all sorts of mischief we can’t imagine. Not that the US was doing such a fine job, but the surrender of control changes how big shots think about all of it. Actually, the US still has indirect control over the most of the current physical infrastructure of the Net, because US companies still own and host most of the backbone traffic hardware. Still, because of how it changes the perception folks have, it will disrupt the status quo in a big way. I’m expecting more trouble in computer networking than almost anything else I know about.

And with that disruption comes a whole boat-load of cascading disruptions in other areas of human activity. We will tribulate; get your head ready for it. For most of us, it’s too late to consider moving to another place. I’m hoping you have obeyed your heart and sought out where God intends to plant you for the coming mission. I’m quite certain I’m where I belong. Still, the worst that happens with a sudden change in residence is having to discard stuff that I like. I keep reminding myself that it’s just stuff and God can provide everything, but it’s much easier to face the mission if you sense that what you have is only what God has provided for your mission. Before that changes, a lot of other things would have to change first, I truly believe. So for now, my heart says just hang on through the winter before giving it any thought.

I’m not worried about who’s going to win the election. There are too many follow-on events that could change everything in ways we’ve never seen before (electoral college, rioting, assassinations, etc.). My convictions have granted me a broad general expectation of where it will all end up, never mind the names and faces. Those same convictions suggest I’ll see less bloodshed near my door in favor of other kinds of social disturbance. Most of the world has no clue that God has changed His plans, and those changes have to do, in part, with a fresh new requirement for living heart-led. This whole thing rests on our willingness to spread the message of subjecting the intellect to the heart-mind. If we are faithful, then the world will have no excuse for clinging to human reason. We’ve got work to do.

The Failure of Evil

The problem with great evil is that it always rests on human frailty.

Review: God created all things according to His own moral character. Reality itself is consistent with God’s personality. Second, He created a universe that rests somewhere within Creation as a relatively small part. It also responds to His moral character. Then He created us humans as the agents of management with a built-in awareness of His character, same as the rest of Creation.

Somewhere in our response after everything was established, we chose to rely on our human intellect and talents. Granted, we were given these things to help us obey, but the ultimate question of what is and is not morally right is beyond the intellect. Only the heart-mind can handle this question, and whatever it was we get from the narrative of the Fall, we must understand that mankind made a choice to assert intellect over the heart. Sadly, that means the heart becomes silent and mind is left to face the task of living and making sense of our fallen existence, and it cannot possibly discern the true nature of things. So relying on human reason is, by definition, a rejection of God’s character.

With the intellect alone, it is virtually impossible to grasp that Creation is alive and is imbued with a moral quality from God. While great efforts have been made to reawaken some higher consciousness, the mind cannot make much sense of things without a heart directly connected to the Creator. Thus, we can go back into human history and dig up all kinds of records indicating people did have some awareness of the superiority of the heart-mind, but the answers they record from their efforts in that direction are all mutually inconsistent. There is a certain similarity across these various attempts, but each one contains noticeable flaws that leave the practitioners powerless at critical moments.

The failures are manifest in all flavors. One of the most significant failures leads people to attempt pulling their fellow humans under one centralized rule. In the Bible, individuality is not central, so that’s not the answer. The answer is the family, branching out across ties of kinship and covenant. We note in passing that the Bible makes it plain that covenant takes precedence over blood kinship, but that the ideal is to have both. However, it also requires keeping family stuff within the family. More authority over more people must of necessity mean less detail. It should be obvious even to those with mere intellect that a proper daily life of peace and stability requires keeping things on a manageable scale.

But mere intellect cannot see the ultimate value of social stability, and demands social conformity instead. It’s easier for the intellect to handle ruling that way. The problem is that without a heart-led awareness, the mind imagines all kinds of things it might accomplish, mostly things that the heart would know could never work. The intellect cannot understand peace and stability the way God promised to grant it, so it imagines efficiency and centralized control — such control has never worked. Whatever it is you want to make of the narrative about the Tower of Babel, you should at least understand that empires grate on God’s moral character. It’s not that He makes no allowance for them to rise, but He always ends them sooner or later with horrendous wrath, and totally humiliating the rulers. The empires with the best historical records are those that remembered there were limits to central authority. They allowed the folks closest to the subjects to make decisions that affected them the most, and always assumed an Eastern feudal social structure.

We don’t have space here to dig into all the details. The Law of Noah remains binding upon every government until there are no more rainbows in the sky. I’ve written whole books exploring that Law; what matters here is that we realize they apply as a formulation written to the heart, not the intellect. Without the heart-mind in the lead, you cannot really obey Noah; you cannot possibly get it right. That means every government lacking a presumption of heart-led moral orientation is, by definition, evil. It matters not what the rulers think of themselves; they are evil who rule outside the heart-mind.

Even when those who conspire to rule embrace that moral judgment for themselves, they are unable to keep it all working for very long. Whatever it is they do will always be crippled by the lack of heart-led moral conviction.

It is utterly impossible for any human to actually personify the Antichrist. Satan doesn’t work that way; he is not permitted to pull that stunt. The heart-led truth of the Bible means it’s all parable, metaphor and symbolism. The biblical image of Antichrist is an influence on fallen human nature, not a literal individual figure. The antihero is a legend of the West, not from the Bible. You can easily read such imagery back into the Bible if you ignore the vast wealth of Ancient Hebrew intellectual traditions of mysticism, but you’ll get the wrong answers. Someone determined to be evil has already bought into the lies of Satan, and they cannot come up with a plan to take over the world that would actually work. Satan doesn’t work that way; he doesn’t lead people to some diabolical truth about universal power in this realm of existence. They have to be heart-led to understand it, and turning to evil means you don’t get it.

So the visions of a literal or semi-literal Apocalypse are just Western fiction. What really happens is that God sends some tribulation now and then, and the classical Apocalypse is merely a symbol of what it’s like. And here we sit in our day and time facing a very real threat of people who think their human wisdom makes them fit to rule over the whole world, but it will never happen. It may even start to look like it, but it won’t really work. The only people who really understand how it all works are people who have no interest in ruling.

That’s you and me, along with a bunch of other folks out there who remain unknown because that’s an element of divine wisdom. Just how much attention do you think we get here at Kiln of the Soul? We have no idea in our heads, but I’m willing to bet your heart tells you there are lots of folks who are heart-led, either consciously like we are, or who somehow manage to stumble upon it as some of us did before we tried to make it conscious. And the only reason we have this much is because God called us to it. We aren’t better, wiser or more talented; we are available.

Meanwhile, the desire to rule is proof of an evil moral nature. It’s not the same as ambition, by the way, but ambition can be bad or good. Most of the time, ambition falls somewhere in between, perhaps ranging back and forth some in the human soul. Some ambitions are clearly much less dangerous than others when you see it with the eyes of your heart. And your heart will tell you not to fear some satanic evil ruler taking over some major portion of the world, because even if they succeed for a time, we aren’t tied to this world in the first place.

And because we are tied into Heaven, there is an awful lot of audacious prayer requests that God will answer. That includes some of the most radical shifts in human political trends. Think about how much God was willing to spare Sodom and Gomorrah for just a handful of righteous souls (Genesis 18). You and I as heart-led servants of God qualify as “righteous souls” by God’s definition, and the definition Abraham used in his intercession. Because living heart-led makes us humble, we struggle to imagine the massive things God will do when we find the faith to ask. So take a good look with your heart at the current situation in which you live and let faith dare to ask for great and mighty things no mere man can do.

Great evil always fails because it cannot see its own weakness.

The Bath of Wrath

Context first: I don’t dispense truth for your consumption. At most, my writing exposes to your awareness things your heart already knows. Some of us are able to subject our minds to our hearts, and we get to a point where the mind pretty much knows better than try to resist. Instead, we discover the sweet security (shalom) of learning to trust something far higher than our own senses and reason. The mind receives it’s grandest purpose — organizing and implementing the practical requirements of God’s moral truth written in our convictions. What I write here is merely my own narrative, the story of my encounters in my own mind’s exploration of the Land Without Words.

Most of humanity manages to function with a certain amount of unconscious assumption about reality. There’s a kind of glue that holds together all the pieces. It doesn’t require absolute reliability, but enough that the surprises can be assimilated. It really does vary with the individual, but we can make some broad generalizations for the sake of common understanding. What we usually mean by the term “coping mechanism” signals that a certain amount of breakage is expected. Our mind maps out reality and has to make changes now and then, so the really smart people draw their maps in pencil. But the whole map dissolves without that glue to keep the paper intact.

As you probably know, neurosis is when the glue fails in spots. Psychosis is when the glue fails wholesale. There has to be a certain amount of space in the mind for drawing the map.

So our human function isn’t tied to the facts — the details we draw on the map — but to the existence of a map in the first place. And as noted, for most Westerners in particular, it’s seldom a conscious factor of awareness. For the most part, the mapping manifests in a body of assumptions about what is morally right and wrong. It’s the individual moral ground of assumptions that make up the material of the map of what “ought to be.” Drastic changes in the facts are tough to handle, but losing the structure of knowing will drive folks crazy.

The wrath of God is rather like a good soap-and-water bath. If your map is just cheap paper, it will come apart when God’s wrath rains down in your life. If you manage to weave in the threads of God’s moral character as the fabric that holds your map together, it’s a whole different experience. Instead of destruction in your life, His wrath is just a nice bit of laundering. Afterward you feel fresh and ready to start again. Western moral reasoning is just cheap paper, rather like the mass-produced rough stuff you get with dollar store coloring books.

When I prophesy that God is shifting reality, it’s not as if I’m saying the sky will turn green, or clouds will become mashed potatoes, or something noticeable like that. Rather, I’m warning that God will rain down His cleansing wrath on peoples’ maps. It’s too subtle for most of them to notice, but He’s taking away the temporal appearance of moral substance on which people have built their assumptions.

You see, Satan is the author of a lot of cheap garbage that passes for moral truth. God in His ineffable, inscrutable plans allows the Devil to do certain things for some limited time. It serves to entice and enslave folks who swallow the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. It’s not that the apparent facts of our existence here changes that much; it still looks the same. It’s much more subtle than that. The big lie is something people seldom think about consciously, a raft of assumptions what we should expect if we just push hard enough to figure it out.

For example, just about every person influenced by Western values assumes that we should be able to fold up space and travel across light years in seconds, if we can just figure out how. They assume we could, in theory, travel across time barriers and carry our conscious existence into the past or the future. And we have even been led to imagine that we humans have the power to make substantial changes in this earth, like change the climate.

Yet, if you can read between the lines in the Bible, you’d find those three things are flatly impossible. And failing that, your heart would kick your brain with the recognition that those things will never happen. The boundaries are not factual, but moral in nature. God is actively watching and won’t let it happen.

Thus, at least a portion of what God is doing in our days, right here and now, is reaffirming His revelation about those moral limits on us. He’s washing away those subtle lies under the very ground on which most minds stand and walk. While those minds are, for the most part, wholly unconscious of it, they can’t understand why everything they’ve built on those false assumptions is starting to come apart. God is actively watching and His hands are busy. It’s just the same as you and I shaping things with Playdough, though far less discernible to the human senses.

Obviously our Creator is wiser than to just make it too obvious. His revelation warns that there will always be plausible deniability of His handiwork. If you exclude His revelation, you cannot perceive full reality. If your heart is actively ruling your mind, then you can sense it these things directly. You know reality is shifting daily as people are struggling to keep things together. And failing. We know the truth of God’s wrath falling like soapy rain on all human works, and we look forward to a good bath for our lives.

Be the Solution

It’s really simple folks: Be the solution. Wherever you are, in whatever setting, by living a heart-led existence in the midst of rising turmoil and chaos, you are a solution to the problems everyone else is facing. Granted, that often means that we are not providing exactly what they believe they want, but when our very presence draws down into the world the blessings of God, people are going to sense it on some level. It’s not our power; it’s God’s power at work in us.

So strive mightily to overcome your own internal resistance to God’s truth. His truth is more valuable to us than life itself. If we have to delve into deception for the sake of safety, then safety is wrong. On the other hand, it’s too easy to mistake our reasonings for truth. Truth is rooted in the heart, and arises into our consciousness as conviction. It pays little heed to what our minds can grasp and control, so teach your mind to doubt the orthodoxy of a society that doesn’t recognize the wisdom of the heart.

When you realize that reality is fungible, you aren’t restricted to your senses and logic, but you rely on the eternal truth. This makes you into a rock of stability and trust in the center of a chaotic world. We are entering a time when people will go bonkers trying to pull reality back under their control, but God is shifting reality around us already. Be an island of truth.

Suffering Is Your Ally

From my study notes on 2 Corinthians 1:

It seems unfortunate we translate the Greek word (paraklesis) simply as "comfort" in English, because the typical associations with that word miss the point. The Greek word is both the invocation of someone’s assistance, and the assistance delivered. The Holy Spirit, often called by the related term "Comforter" (paraklete), is One who by His nature draws you up out of yourself. When you call upon God, He calls you to Himself. That primary form of assistance and comfort is to make you see you need not care about the sorrows that clamor your attention. Comfort in tribulation is rising above it mystically. We then offer that same blessing to others, helping them rise above their sorrow by climbing outside themselves. Such consolation is abundant in Christ.

Naturally, as we develop a stronger immunity to worldly sorrows, we should expect those sorrows to abound. What kind of reward is that? Wrong question. God sends more sorrows because that is how He executes His wrath on sin. If this drives you deeper into despair, it is because you cling too much to this life. If it drives you farther from your old self, you should expect more of it as the sorrows succeed in their mission. Our sorrows abound, but our "comfort" abounds the more, as we pull farther and farther away from the false and fallen world around us. Yes, the whole point is to make you even more otherworldly, more "out of touch" from things which only hinder His Kingdom. Paul sincerely hopes they understand this, so the same deep blessings can fall on them.

This is a sample of moral reasoning in the heart. The objective is to become less attached to this world, so suffering and sorrow make sense. They are your friends.

Psalm 102

This is a siege prayer. Whether the occasion is a literal siege matters not; there are many contexts that feel just the same — there is no where to turn for escape from the sorrow, and nothing to occupy the long hours to take your mind off the things. It begins very much like a time of personal trial, but the psalmist notes that Zion is also in need of deliverance. Thus, the heading that notes this is a prayer of the afflicted is almost understated.

As is often the case, we are humbled by the soaring imagery, even in mere English translations. The first two verses cry out for God to hear, at one point using a figure of speech that asks God to lean down close to hear because the cry is so feeble.

What does it feel like to sit as Job in sickness and deep sorrow? Surely the psalmist knew his tale. The imagery includes mention of a pair of birds we cannot easily identify, but both are repugnant as unclean fowl, including one distinguished by the habit of vomiting. As always, if all you see is the literal meaning, you miss the whole point. There really are no words to describe such a deeply disturbing sorrow, so utterly cut off from the comfort of another.

Indeed, the only company he has are his enemies. There are symbols of bitterness in ashes for bread and drink mixed with tears. But this is no pity party, because the psalmist knows deep inside he can blame only his own sin that has raised a barrier between him and God. He is deeply aware of his mortality.

He waits on the God, waiting for the wrath to run its course. In due time the eternal God will return to His former mercies and save the city that hosts His Name. The symbolism of loving the stones and dust is roughly equivalent to the ritual of kissing the ground in modern times. This is holy ground, in the sense that if one is going to find God’s mercy, this is where it will happen. And once God restores Zion, every nation will again quail in fear of what comes next. When His glory returns, nothing can stop His nation from carrying that glory to the ends of the earth.

Scholars agree that what follows is distinctly messianic. It’s not just Israel the Nation, but what takes center stage here is Israel the Mission. God’s glory and His revelation are the whole purpose the nation exists. Some day that mission will raise up a nation unlike any other, unlike any ever seen before. Through that future nation of revelation, God will hear the groaning of folks in dire straights, such as the psalmist himself, but throughout all the world. He will draw the world into His redemption and service.

The psalmist then hints that he would love to see those days, begging God not to end his life too soon. He confesses that God has been around since the beginning and will be still around when it’s all done. Surely He can spare a few more days for His penitent servant? Then again, all the universe will perish when the time comes. And God’s purpose in Creation shall not fail, for He will surely have children of His glory among men.