Psalm 118

17 Sep

This is the final “Hallel Psalm” and we are altogether certain this is the one Jesus sang with His disciples on His way to the Garden of Gethsemane. It was originally composed as a processional and is plainly designed for … Read More »

Psalm 117

10 Sep

Some people find significance in the observation that this is the middle chapter in the entire Protestant canon, and also the shortest chapter. In a few manuscripts it is considered part of either the previous or succeeding psalms, but there … Read More »

Psalm 116

3 Sep

Still reviewing the “Hallel Psalms” used with Passover, this one is unique in the collection — it was originally composed as an intensely personal individual experience. However, it’s not hard to see how it calls on the nation to enter … Read More »

Psalm 115

27 Aug

This and the next three psalms were traditionally sung after the Passover meal. However, we also know such usage came somewhat later in the life of the nation. This hymn in particular was originally composed for general worship. It’s laid … Read More »

Psalm 111

30 Jul

This and the next psalm are short acrostics in Hebrew. This would make them easier to memorize. Reading this in most English translations, it seems little more than a collection of stock ritual phrases, perhaps just a little contrived or … Read More »

Psalm 108

9 Jul

Echoes of Psalms 57 and 60, this combines praise and lament. Likely David used common worship phrases to lift up a battle song, not so much preparing for a literal fight, but to stir both confidence and humility before God. … Read More »